Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Miss Elli's Rv Park

We were slow moving this morning and didn't leave the RV park until 9:45am.  It wouldn't have made sense to leave any sooner or we would have been caught up in the Ft.Worth/Arlington/Dallas rush hour traffic on I-20.  We missed most of the rush and breezed through the tri cities fairly easily.

The ride east of I-20 was interspersed with rain showers, wind and all around crappy weather.  We managed to keep up speed and soon escaped from the area.  All went well until traffic came to a complete stop and we slowly crept through what was the scene of an accident involving a car and a tractor trailer truck.  At least we weren't caught up in the accident, so that was a good thing.

We managed to get one of two remaining camp sites at Miss Elli's RV Park right off of I-20.  I think we will be lulled to sleep tonight by the truck traffic about 100 yards from us.  The a/c will provide some background noise so it shouldn't be that bad.

On the way in we noticed a catfish restaurant and once we set up the motorhome, we unhooked the car and headed for the restaurant.  It's been a long time since we've had catfish and both ordered a meal of fillets.  I ordered all you can eat and Gerry ordered a smaller plate.  I managed to share some of my fish with her and we both walked out full and content.

The restaurant is very large and has three huge dining areas.  It must really be a popular place on the weekendsWe arrived early and there were only a few people there and we started to wonder if we made a mistake coming there.  Since it is a dry county, we had to join a club there in order to have a beer.  First time for everything.  As we were leaving we noticed the parking lot was beginning to fill up. 

After the meal we decided to take a tour of the area and check it out.  There was a sign for a bridge out, so that is where we headed first.  It looked ominous at first with the buzzard hanging around in the tree checking us out.    

Yep, the bridge was out and they were working on the bridge with some heavy duty equipment.  We never did find out what caused the bridge failure, but it must have been a problem for those who lived in the area because there weren't any alternate routes that we could see.

The town of Jonesville must have been larger in years past since it was a railroad hub and also near Swanson's Landing, which was on Lake Caddo and provided access to a river port.  Now it is only a few houses and this General Store that dates back to 1847 and is still in operation.  It has been owned and operated by the Vaughan family since 1870.

There were a few old rundown buildings in the general area and they had old signs on them.  I bet the American Pickers would love to have these signs.

Notice the buildings are on brick posts.

This town was moved when the Southern Pacific Railroad came through the area.  Southern Pacific is now Union Pacific Railroad, and the town isn't a stop on the line.  We enjoyed the little touring and then headed back to the motorhome and some much needed rest.  There are little gems all over the place, you just have to search for them. 

That was our interesting day, how was yours? 


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  1. I love exploring small town America. They always have something unique to offer. I love the feed and fertilizer sign. That is so neat. Jim caught fish, I read. That was our day.