Saturday, June 28, 2014

Heflin, AL to Concord, NC

Just another short drive of 325 miles and we arrived here in Concord, NC around 6:00PM at Glenwood Acres Campground where we will stay for about 3 weeks visiting family.  We've driven 2,000 miles since leaving Tucson on Monday and our old bodies are feeling it.

We had the usual road construction delays west of Atlanta that slowed us down quite a bit.  Then we decided to take I-20 to I-85N through Atlanta.  I'm not sure that was a good idea.  As soon as we pulled off I-20 the traffic came to a standstill.  Believe it or not, it was just the volume of traffic getting off I-20 and merging onto I-85.  They had East & West bound I-20 traffic merging together and then merging onto I-85.  What a mess.

Once we got on I-85 it wasn't that much better since all 6 or 7 lanes were full of cars with crazy drivers trying to maintain a 70mph speed even though it was impossible.  I think they let the rudest people drive on Saturdays and they all congregated around us.  I just took my time and ran a little less than the speed limit and made it through the mess.  It reminded me of the little electric bumper cars you see in carnivals.  

The roads varied from super great to terrible pot holes and a rough ride.  They also seem to have narrowed the lanes so there wasn't a lot of room to maneuver around the potholes.  I will check the motor home on Sunday to see if anything fell off.  

It was another day of driving in the rain, but it wasn't that bad.  We've had more rain in one day driving back than 6 months out in the Southwest.  I think it has rained every day since we left last Monday.  Sure wish Tucson could have gotten some of this much needed rain out there.  Maybe their monsoons will be great this summer.

One thing becomes very apparent driving in the East vs Southwest is the rude drivers in the East.  Nobody seems to understand that when you merge onto an interstate highway that the yield sign is for them.  More than once we've had vehicles in the lane next to us and couldn't move over to let people in, but it didn't slow them down from trying to cut us off.  The air horn works very well in those situations, but I wish people would learn how to drive.  It's a lot easier to speed up or slow down in a car than it is for us in the motorhome.

We managed to find a QT fuel station that had diesel for $3.59/gallon and filled the tanks.  Now we have more than enough to drive to our cabin in PA without more fuel.  I will top it off so it isn't so painful to fill up when we leave in the fall.

Glenwood Acres CG has been our home away from home when we are in the Charlotte area for the past 3-4 years and we stop in for 3-4 weeks in the spring and fall.  They have increased the size of the campgrounds and added a number of new sites.  We can't get into our favorite sites now since they are reserved for overnite campers.  Too bad, since they are shaded sites and quite large.  Now we are in a site about the size of the one we have in Tucson, except this one is a little narrower.  Maybe it is time to search out another campground for the fall stopover here in Concord.

Barbara (dau) stopped by just as we were setting up the motorhome.  We were delayed since we were getting "extra" help with parking the motor home.  The helper didn't want to leave, so it was a little confusing at times.   Barbara came in and we had a nice long talk catching up on things.  She joined us for a glass(es) of wine and dinner.  She has to work on Sunday so she left around 9:30pm.  We sat a relaxed for a while after that.

That is it from here.  I most likely won't be posting that much while we are in Concord since it will mostly be visiting family.  But, I will be thinking of you all, whoever you are.

Have a great summer.


  1. Welcome to the great state on North Carolina!

  2. Have great summer with family and up to the cabin. Please keep blogginh....