Friday, June 13, 2014

Leaving town on June 21

Gerry went to her dentist appointment and it looks like we will be heading East around June 21.  She has a June 19 appointment to finish up the work and we will leave shortly after that.  We plan on taking I-10 from Tucson to I-20 in West Texas and stay on I-20 until we hook up with I-85.  That's it,  3 Interstates and we will be back in Concord, NC around the end of the month.  We've been this route a number of times and have done the sightseeing bit quite a lot, so this will basically be a put some miles on the RV every day trip.  It's 2,000 miles to Concord and making the trip in 7-8 days shouldn't be that difficult.

One thing about traveling across NM, TX, LA, MS, AL, GA, NC during June is to watch the weather for storms.  We've been caught in two hail storms in TX and had damage to the motorhome and car.  I'd like to avoid that this year.  Also, the wind can play a huge factor out West and can delay you for a couple days if it gets up in the 25-35 mph range.  I don't know what is worse, the storms or the wind.

It was 106 degrees in Tucson today and we had the a/c running all day and were comfortable in the motorhome.  Since we are here on a weekly basis, the electric is included in the camping fee.  That is a good thing because I am sure we are really sucking up the KWHs during this heat.  It was in the 90s late in the evening and didn't cool off that much during the night.

I did get a chance to watch the Spain-Netherlands World Cup soccer match yesterday.  It looked like Spain was going to run away with the game and dominated most of the first half.  They were leading 1-0 as a result of a penalty kick and seemed to be in controal.  The Netherlands scored on a beautiful header late in the first half and tied the score.  The 2nd half was all the Netherlands as they scored 4 more goals.  The final score of 5-1 was a surprise to everyone.  Great match if you like the Netherlands.

That was our day, how was yours?


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  1. Gotta get Henry interested in World Cup. I for 1 love it!!
    Women's is more exciting -- at least in this sport with their finesse & ponytails! Sure loved my girls of a decade ago! The guys were exciting too then. Learning all the new players now! Very interesting