Thursday, June 26, 2014

Roosevelt State Park, Morton, MS

Our mileage per day keeps getting lower the longer we are on the road.  We've driven 1400 miles since Monday and it's starting to wear us down.  This was a 278 mile day for us, but the plan was to drive further.  For the 2nd day in a row an accident held us up on I-20 and it took over 30 minutes to go about 3 miles.  

We were in line when the wrecker truck went by us on the shoulder.  I had the CB on trying to see what lane was blocked and what was the holdup and the truckers were chatting about the problem.  They are always good for a chuckle until their language gets too filthy.  One driver mentioned that the tow truck was passing him and the driver of the wrecker truck informed him that he was not in a tow truck, but a wrecker truck.  They went back and forth for a few minutes and other drivers chimed in and finally the wrecker driver couldn't handle the conversation and started with foul language.  I was wishing they would shut up and not make him mad enough to take his time clearing up the wreck. 

Here is the culprit for our holdup.  I don't know what happened but the driver just ran off the road and crashed.  Not sure if sleep, health problems or road rage was involved, but the car was a mess.  I hope there wasn't a serious injury and since there wasn't an ambulance there, I assume all was fine.

We had over 900 miles on the tank of fuel and we started checking Gas to see where some cheaper fuel was.  Pilot, Loves, FlyingJ and those truck stops were in the $3.89 range and I didn't want to pay that.  Eagle eye Gerry found a Valero station with diesel for $3.55/gallon so we went there and scoped it out.  No problem.  I wheeled on in and took up both lines in the middle of the station.  (I'm sure there were a lot of nasty words directed my way, but $.35/gallon cheaper was hard to pass up).  

I took on 84 gallons and then came a big decision.  The exit I intended to take had a big dip and I knew the rear of the motorhome would drag, so that was out.  The only other option was a hard right turn and back onto the highway going the wrong way.  OK, so now to find a place to turn the motorhome around and head the right way to get back on I-20.  So, I turned into a small shopping center and a car blocked me from making my turn.  Around to the back of the shopping center and it looked like a dead end, but I kept driving hoping there was a way out.  Thank God there was and we hightailed it out of there.

The rest of the trip was routine and we pulled into Roosevelt State Park in Morton, MS for the night.  Another bargain for us at $14.00/night for a full hookup.  The interior park roads are narrow and windy with trees along the side of the road or a 3 ft dropoff.  We are thinking the campsites will be difficult to get into and the one assigned to us was impossible.  Gerry called them and we moved to another site, backed in and set up the motorhome. 
Time for a cold MGD and a break.  Aaaaaaaahhhhh!

We may extend a day here if the weather clears up.  Yes, it's been raining all evening and more is in the forecast for Friday.

Cousin Al read the blog about the campground in Santo and the flooding and called to ask if it was Coffee Creek RV Resort and he was correct in thinking that was it.  He and Sharon stopped there a couple years ago and they offered Al & Sharon jobs for the next summer.  Sharon's health was failing and they never got to take the job.  It's a shame, since it was such a nice RV park and it would have been great for them to work there.

That was our day, how was yours? 

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  1. We couldn't have maintained the miles you were doing for even two days. In fact, I asked Jim if he thought he could handle 200 to 225 miles a day when we head east this Fall and he wasn't real excited about it but said as long as it was all interstate he could do it. Love the dogs.