Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day & I Got The Boot!

When I was a child Father's Day wasn't such a big deal, especially in our house.  My dad wasn't a sentimental person and I don't remember him sending cards, gifts, etc., for events.  I did give him a cheap set of screwdrivers one year and he acted like I gave him a million dollars.  That doesn't mean he wasn't a great dad.  I loved him very much.  We hunted, fished and did many things together.  He would take me along on his many and varied expeditions to by more stuff than you can imagine.  He was a "picker" long before it became fashionable to be a picker.  Every trip was an adventure and my brother and I never knew where we were going, why, and who were were visiting.  I loved it.

He would say we were going to stop at such and such farmhouse and visit people.  Introductions other than I was the "baby" of the family were one way.  If he mentioned names, I promptly forgot them and never knew who the people were.  This came back to haunt me in later years when I was doing family research and would tie in the people by where they lived.  I'm still not 100% sure I have the right names with the people.

I was his "gopher" when we worked on cars, trucks, tractors and whatever was broken at the time.  I knew what a 3/4" box end wrench was before I even used one.  Later he taught me how transmissions worked, what valves were for, gaskets, gears and all those thing associated with repairing what was wrong.  I still remember he had an old hand telephone with a car antenna stuck in it.  He would extend the antenna and listen to the motor and diagnose what was wrong.  That really impressed me.  

For the younger generation, phones weren't digital like today and actually had cords attached to them and were attached to a wall.  They worked fine and if you were on a party line you could get all the news in the area without the internet.  Neat times.

I received phone calls from my three children (on their smart phones) and enjoyed hearing from them.  I always enjoy hearing from them whatever the occasion.  Hint Hint!  My "Tucson Daughter" sent me a text message on my computer as she always does.  It's nice to be remembered by them and singled out at least once a year.  Just kidding, they chat with us all the time when we are away from them.

I did get the boot today in a big way.  Gerry and I had a few errands to run and wound up at a familiar spot for us.  Tubac was our destination today and even though it was 100 degrees, we headed out there this afternoon.  This is how I got the boot.  Guess where we were shopping.

We were looking for a nice sedate place to have lunch and ran across this restaurant.  Do you think it is a little bit gaudy?   Naw, I didn't think so.  I wonder if they have sushi there?

We returned to the motorhome but stopped to talk to Ron K on the way back.  He will be leaving the park on Tuesday or Wednesday and we decided to go out to dinner with him at a local Mexican food restaurant.  The service was terrible at first and when we complained it picked up very fast.  We had a nice long chat with Ron over the great meals and adult beverages and finally called it a day.

It was a great day for me food wise with Gerry preparing a great ham and cheese omlette for me to start the day.  I am very partial to omlette, but don't eat them that much since eggs are supposed to be bad for a person.  You have to live dangerously every once in a while, so today was the day.

Other than not being with my children, I had a great day.  I hope yours went as well as mine.


  1. We haven't been to Tubac but I've seen some great pictures of the place. However, we did take pictures of that restaurant. Jim heard from 3 out of his 4 boys so that's not too bad. Actually got phone calls which is unusual because he usually gets texts.

  2. Happy Father's Day...we were pretty wiped out after a fast paced weekend in Chicago, then we landed stopped by the house for 15 minutes then off to Sean/Taylors for our Father's Day in a box! Anyway we decided to split up for the calls to you and my father so we could get to bed nice and early. So since I didn't get to speak to you yesterday Happy Father's Day today! See you in a couple weeks or so. Sending a game plan wasn't that hard was it?