Thursday, June 19, 2014

Change of Plans - Again!

Gerry's dentist appointment was originally for Thursday and they changed it to Monday.  Gerry asked them to call her if the partial came in or anyone cancelled and they had time to get her in before Monday.  Well, this morning they called and now she is scheduled for Friday morning.

We paid for an additional week when they last rescheduled her, so we are leaving on Monday morning bright and early.  The weather forecast is for light winds out of the west and that is the best possible forecast for us.  Tail winds are always nice to have in a motorhome, versus side winds.  It will be hot, but hopefully we can get past the few hills east of Benson before the temps get in the triple digits.  If not, we will take our time and cruise on up the hills.

If at all possible we would like to make it to Van Horn, TX the first day and take advantage of the winds.  It is about a 425 mile drive on good interstate all the way, so it shouldn't be a problem.  There are only a few campgrounds along this route, so we may actually stop early.  This will be a make time and get back to NC asap type drive, rather than to sightsee and take our time.   Not much fun checking out places in 100+ heat and possibly having bad weather anyway.

The strap on the bike rack broke while we were in Camp Verde and the replacement strap came in yesterday.  The rack is good to go now and in place on the back of the Saturn.  We will load up the bikes on Sunday as the last stop in getting ready to leave.  Sometime Sunday I will stop by the fuel station and fill up the car and motorhome since the prices here are better than anywhere along the road.  A penny saved is a penny earned and when you take on 90 gallons of diesel fuel, the pennies add up really fast.


  1. Good luck with the dentist. Gerry. Have safe travels.

  2. So glad you are going to get out of there. Be safe going back east.