Thursday, August 16, 2012

Then & Now

I knew this was going to be a great day since Gerry decided to fix breakfast burritos for all of us.  We ate ours a little earlier the than others since she prepared them two at a time.  We finished ours about the time the 2nd shift arrived.  Everyone agreed they were fantastic.

Larry Jr and I worked on some small chores around the cabin this morning and then headed to Gettysburg with Jane, Grant and Gerry.  Along the way we stopped at a local nursery and fruit business.  It's too large to be called a stand and they have hundreds of acres of different fruit trees along with a nursery.

As you can see below, they managed to come out of there with some goodies including creme sodas, pluots, peaches and other good things to eat.

After Boyers we drove over to the Gettysburg battlefield for a quick looksee.  The first place we stopped at brought back fond memories for Gerry and me.  In 1981 we brought Larry Jr. to the same monument and took his picture on a cannon.

Today, 31 years later we returned to the same area and got a picture of Jr, Jane & Grant on the same cannon.  What a small world we live in.

We left there and drove through the battlefield and Grant became tired of seeing all the monuments and markers so we cut it short and went to see a covered bridge in the area.  It is a beautiful bridge crossing Marsh Creek, but has been closed to traffic for a number of years.  It was partially destroyed a number of years ago and rebuilt to the same specifications as before.  The gang was acting silly and Gerry captured this photo of them.

 So, after viewing monuments, markers and bridges, Grant was ready to go to a gift shop and get a patch from Gettysburg.  We drove back into town and checked out Gettysburg University, the downtown area and sights along the way.  Gettysburg is famous for it's downtown ghost tours in the evening.  A certain young lady in Arizona has a fascination for ghost stories and would love to take one of the tours.  Maybe Ron will take the time to show her this sign when he reads the blog.  

The Cozy Restaurant & Motel, one of our favorite restaurants in the area is in Thurmont, MD about 18 miles south of Gettysburg.  It is also one of Larry Jr's favorite places and we went there for dinner.  Jr wanted Jane and Grant to experience eating there and they both loved the place.  It is served buffet style and they put on a great spread of breads, desserts and other food as well.  They lost money big time on Jr, Grant and me, while the girls also got their money's worth.   The only complaint I had was that the soft ice cream machine was gone.  Too bad, I missed it.

The Cozy has been around since 1926 and has grown a lot over the years.  Since it is so close to Camp David, most presidents since Herbert Hoover have eaten there at one time or the other.  They have collected mememtos over the years from them and have a small room displaying them, along with pictures of the presidents.  They have asked the present president for photos for the last 3 years and gotten no response.  It looks like the tradition will be broken and hopefully the next president will start the list all over.

By this time we all were tired out and decided to head back to the cabin.  Grant went in and took his shower and hit the hay early.  We sat around chatting for a while and then decided to call it a night.

Good night to you all, also.


  1. Gotta see Gettysburg some day, but we'll stay away from a buffet that primarily features breads and desserts.

  2. A quick note to mutual friends reading Larry's blog today. The person in AZ interested in ghosts is NOT this Dee and Ron, the IL ones but the other Dee and Ron that live full time in AZ.