Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back to the Cabin

We got up early this morning to visit with Jane before she left for work.  She had a meeting near her home and decided it wouldn't make sense to drive all the way into town, just to turn around and drive back out.  It worked to our advantage since we got to spend some more time with her.  

Larry Jr. prepared a real nice breakfast for us all and we stuffed ourselves.  It was the first time I've had mesquite bacon and also pepper bacon.  It sure was tasty and Gerry gave me the evil eye to quit eating so much.

After she left we got ready to leave and head back to the cabin.  We actually left a little later than expected, but we weren't on any schedule and not in a hurry.  We said our goodbyes to Larry Jr & Grant and pulled out of their driveway.  It was sad to be leaving but it was time to go.  They have plans for next week and things have to be done before they leave.  Also, they will be at the cabin next week for a party.  

We made great time until we got about 5 miles into Virginia on I-77 and that is where we came to a halt.  It was mostly stop and then go for about 10 miles due to going from 2 lanes to one on the highway.  When we finally got to the construction site, it was just a couple trucks working on a bridge.  What a mess they made of the highway and the backup was unbelievable.   I had been warned that there were also backups on I-81 north and decided to take a back road through the countryside of Virginia.  We didn't make very good time, but it sure was a nice drive with beautiful scenery.  Good decision on our part.

We stopped for a pit stop and a sandwich at a Subway restaurant and walked around a little to get the blood circulating again.  It seems that these stops are more necessary the older we get.  At this rate, we will be stopping more than driving in the near future.

We stopped at a FlyingJ in Winchester, VA on the way down and paid $3.29 for gasoline and it was $3.49 less than a week later.  I guess they are raising their prices and getting ready for the Labor Day weekend.  It seems to get worse every year with the price run up in the summer.  

We then ran into a huge rain storm that was flooding the road in places.  What is it about us and rain storms when we are on the road?  We are considering hiring ourselves out to bring rain to parched areas of the country since the rain has been following us around since we left Tucson.  Enough!

We are now back at the cabin and getting ready to hit the hay for the evening.  It's been a long day and we both feel it.

We really enjoyed all the festivities and seeing all our children, grandchildren and friends this past week.  We got a chance to talk to each one and spend time with them.  Life is good.

Good night all.

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