Friday, August 10, 2012

Chili for dinner

We sure have been having unusual weather this summer.  First it was so hot it was uncomfortable to be outside.  Then it started raining and hasn't let up that much the last month or so.  It's great for the lakes and streams, but difficult to get anything done outside.  Now it has cooled down and we haven't had the a/c on for a couple weeks.  Crazy!  It did rain on and off all day here at the cabin with some sunshine in between the rain.

How cold is it?   Well cold enough for Gerry to prepare a batch of her famous homemade chili.  She won't make it unless it is cool outside and today was the day for fixing it.  As usual, I ate more than my share of the chili and will pay for it tonight.  I don't care, it was worth it.  I just hope that Gerry won't have too suffer to much.

We had some errands to run to the bank, post office and I had to have some blood drawn before I went to the doctors on Tuesday.  It was sort of unusual in that I had two prescriptions from two different doctors for the exact same tests.  I only had to use one prescription to satisfy both doctors.  Now I hope they process it in time for my appointments on Tuesday.  The urologist will still expect me to be there for my yearly exam and he can read the results later and get back to me if there is a problem.  Not so with the other doctor.  He wants the results first.  I may have to make up an illness for him to check and get back to him later.  

We stopped for some local peaches on the way back from the errands and I had to have one in the car on the way back.  It was super and so full of juice that Gerry had some spill out onto her clothes when she took a bite of one.  I was careful and came through almost unscathed.  The peaches are huge and like the ones I remember when I was a child back in Illinois.  We used to go to Calhoun County, IL along the Illinois river and pick the peaches to get fresh ones.  They were almost the size of softballs and juicy.  Ah, the good old days.

Tonight we finally got a chance to relax and watch some of the Olympics on TV.  Of course they showed a long segment telling how great the 1992 "Dream Team" was and then showed some more events later.   We did enjoy the time to just sit and take it easy.


  1. We hope your tests turn out well. We do love those big fresh peaches. What we can buy in the supermarket ain't that good. But Costco sells great peaches and nectarines. They must get first pick!

  2. I agree with Jerry and Suzy, the Costco peaches are so sweet and juicy. I love to buy and share them with family and friends.
    Good luck on your tests. Getting close to traveling time.