Thursday, August 30, 2012

Knees, Booze, Balloon & Lunch Date

Today I had an appointment for one of my favorite medical treatments of the year.  It was time to visit my knee and foot doctor.  She had them take xrays of my feet and knees and gave me the great news that I needed my knees drained and a cortisone injection into both knees was in order.  I always look forward to have them stick a 7 inch needle into my knee and then have them wiggle it around just to make it more interesting.

I knew I was in trouble when the petite woman nurse left the room and a 6' 3", 300 lb male nurse took here place.  Oh Oh!  Yep, he was there to help her perform the torture and to make sure I didn't run away.  Did I tell you he was a lot younger than me and played nose tackle for Virginia Tech back when Michael Vick was their quarterback?  He said Vick was a great guy and everyone liked him and he was fun to be around on the field.

Well, he did his job real well and the doctor did her thing and I was out of there in about an hour.  It seemed like days, but this will have to do until next year.   For those who don't know me, the above was written tongue in cheek.

We had a few other errands to run while we were in the Rockville, MD area and finished them up in time to make a wine and beer run.  No, we aren't alcoholics, but Corridor Wine & Liquor has the best prices on booze around here.  We knew we were getting close when this guide car showed up and helped us find the place.

Corridor also has very good prices on beer and I stocked up on 3 cases of Yuengling Lager to take to Tucson for later consumption.  They don't sell Yuengling west of the Mississippi and this will be doled out and will have to last me for 5-7 months.  Most likely I will have to supplement it with some Dos XX along the way to make it last.

Notice the two laptops touching each other.
We stopped at Panera Bread for a light lunch and saw a young couple on a date, or something like that.  I think they were online chatting with each other.  Evidently they feel it is a better way to chat.  I took the photo over Gerry's shoulder so it is not that clear, but that is a good thing since I don't really want a clear shot of their faces.

One our way back home we drove thru the New Market, MD historic district to see if an old favorite restaurant of ours had reopened in the last year or so.  It has and when I asked a man about it, he said it was open and the food was great.  Better than ever.  Then he said he may be a little "biased" since he was the bartender there.  So, for those in the know about Mealey's Restaurant in New Market, MD, it is open again.  

We had to get off the main road to make this little detour and wound up taking back roads all the way to Frederick.  We were rewarded by this picture of a hot air balloon floating in the sky just outside of Frederick.  The neat thing is the shot was taken right over a RV sales area and you can see the units on the lot along with the balloon.  Now we are even more anxious to make the trip to the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque this October.

As a reward for all the shots and stuff, we decided to stop at Jami's ice cream trailer again and buy some delicious black raspberry cones for us.  As usual, they were great.  It is a good thing they are about 28 miles from us or we would be even larger than we are.  This may be our last visit there this year unless we weaken and make the drive there one more time.

That was our day, how was yours?


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  1. I'm glad you're done with your doctors for awhile. It's a nice feeling. I just paid the second and last installment of our property taxes. Made a lighter checking account but a good feeling that one is done till next June. Little things are important in our lives.