Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wild West

Thanks to Doug I have a title for the blog today.  It sure has been a wild wild west today out here in Tucson.  I imagine everyone has heard that a Federal Judge was shot and killed along with 5 others at a Safeway Grocery store.   Garbriella Giffords, an Arizona US Representative was having one of her meeting with Tucsonans at a Safeway store and a 22 year old gunman shot her and 19 other people.  She is still alive but the Judge was killed along with a 9 year old girl.  The others haven't been identified yet.

It is a shame that there is so much hate and animosity in the US in recent years.  Too many people resorting to drastic measures when they don't agree with someone's viewpoints.  Things have to change for the good of the US.

The TV stations devoted all day to covering the tragedy except for NBC which broadcasted the NFL playoffs.  There wasn't a lot of new information during the day and the other stations rehashed the events over and over.  At least they showed restraint in all that happened.  Some national stations reported Giffords was dead when in fact she wasn't.   Sad that they would jump the gun and report that!

On a happier note, Gerry made a homemade bean soup that was great.  Two bowl full great.  I am enjoying it now but will pay later in the night.  Trust me, it was worth it.

CCRV has made some changes here lately and not for the better as far as we are concerned.  They have two sections to the park and the back section has always been for families with children or dogs, while our small section had neither.  While we both love children and dogs, we don't really enjoy camping next to them for 5 months.  They have already booked both groups into our area so it looks like this will be our final year at CCRV.  Such is life.  They have a business to run and make a profit, while we will find another place for next winter.  That is the beauty of having a RV, it has wheels and can be moved.

Don't get me wrong, we have a site at the end of a row with a long time neighbor so these changes won't affect us that much.  We had discussed not coming out here next winter due to the long drive and desire to see other parts of the US.  Maybe Texas or Florida for the next winter.  We do plan on attending the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta the first of October  and head out from there.

Today was a beautiful winter day with temps in the high 60s and a sunny day.  If it wasn't for the football playoffs, we would have been out scouting the countryside.   Maybe during the week.

That's all folks.

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