Thursday, January 6, 2011

Slow Days

It has been slow around here the last couple days.  Time to recharge the batteries and head back into the fray.

Our friend Ron had a birthday on New Years Day and we invited him over for some homemade chili on Wednesday night.  Saturday was left over day so we couldn't invited him for that.  

We took my new computer that I bought in October back to Costco.  It was crashing quite often and I didn't want to bother sending it back to HP and waiting 8 weeks to get it returned.  Much easier to return to Costco under their 90 day return policy and buy another one.  They are great with returns and that is one reason I continue to buy from them.  

The new computer is a HP also, but has 8gig ram, 640g hard drive, 7200rpm hard drive, larger video card and a 17.3 inch monitor.  So far it has been great and I think I will be happy with it.  I will use it for a while before I install Turbo Tax on it to make sure it doesn't cause problems.

Sharon & Al came over for some of Gerry's homemade pork chops & wild rice casserole.  Super.  I managed to control myself and we have some leftover for lunch or dinner on Friday.   Yummy.

Just  a short blog to let everyone know we are still out here.  C U

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