Saturday, January 29, 2011

Caching on Mann Rd

Gerry and I went geocaching today to take advantage of the great weather we've been having out here in Tucson.  Sunny, warm low winds.  Great!

Today's blog is dedicated to the two people who got us started on geocaching.  I won't name any names, but I think anyone who knows us will figure out who M & C are. 

The road to the cache wasn't maintained and was very dusty, but doable in our Saturn.  There wasn't a lot of traffic so that kept the dust down, but that didn't fail to get our car so dusty we will have to have it washed.  We had to drive about 4 miles on this unpaved road.  I'm glad it wasn't raining. 

We made the first turn at the road sign to the right and continued to the cache.  It wasn't a difficult find but these kinds of caches can only be in a few places.  Are you all beginning to get a hint from the clues?  I would rate the clues at a 1,1.  

Gerry signed the log and replaced the cache in it's hiding place and we headed back to civilization and more caches.  The mountains in the back on the entrance road are the Santa Rita mountains and we can see them clearly from our motorhome.    

The road back had a few obstacles placed in our way, but we managed to avoid them.  It is neat that the road builders managed to preserve the over 100 year old Saguaro cactus in the road.  

You can see the penalty for getting lost out here in Arizona.  Be careful when you go off roading.

We found 7 caches today and our first letter cache.  It was the most difficult cache since we didn't really know what we were looking for.  It told the story of the first Post Office in Vail, AZ and was very interesting.  They must have been real tough cookies back in the late 1800s in order to survive out here.

Oh, btw, the cache name dedicated to M &C was  "hey Mann" and it's geocode is: GC2J11E.   Ok, no more hints.  Send me an email for FTF.

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