Monday, January 31, 2011

Weather Change

I was watching the Weather Channel and the storm that is heading for the Midwest and they changed to the Tucson area.  We had beautiful weather out here for the whole month of January and gotten used to it.  Well, that is all going to change in a few days due to the Arctic air dropping down into the U.S.  It looks like Wednesday and Thursday nights will be down in the low 20s and highs in the 40s.  Now for those in Illinois who will see ice, snow and temps down around 0 degrees that doesn't sound too bad, but for Tucson that is cold.

We were getting ready to go out this afternoon and it was sunny and cool, but nothing unusual.  5 minutes later we heard the sound of sleet hitting the roof of the MH and looked out to see it was sleeting quite hard.  Gerry grabbed her camera and managed to get a shot of the car with sleet on it.  A lot melted as soon as it hit, but there was some still on the car.  It cleared up again and we headed down the road and ran into heavy rain and strong winds.  Crazy weather.

All in all it wasn't a big deal, but there wasn't anything else going on today to write about so I thought I'd share our winter storm with you.  LOL.  I do hope that the predicted storm for the midwest U.S. doesn't cause any problems and that the weather men were in error on their predictions. 

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