Friday, January 21, 2011

Birthdays & Anniversaries

Yesterday Gerry and ran a couple errands in the morning and made a Costco run.  I picked up a Tom Tom GPS for the car and will check it out.  So far the jury is out on whether we will keep it or not.  It wasn't that expensive so we will most likely keep it.

My bother Dick was born on Jan 20 and we called him to wish him a happy birthday.  He isn't really into celebrating his birthday but many people called him to remind him of the event.  

Today was another birthday celebration with my cousin Sharon and also her wedding anniversary with Al.  Bad timing on her part having both on the same day, but hopefully Al will remember one or both of the celebrations.  We had dinner with them at their RV park and Al made some great spaghetti and garlic bread.  I went back for seconds so that tells you how much I liked it.  We visited with them for a couple hours afterward and went back to our MH.  Thanks guys, we had a great time.

Gerry's Christmas cactus has started blooming and is beautiful. A little late, but still welcome.  It will be in full bloom in a couple days and the other Christmas cactus is a few days behind the larger one.

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