Sunday, January 2, 2011


Did everyone get their fill of football this weekend?  Talk about overload.  My two favorite college teams won their Bowl Games and that was good.  I graduated from the Univ of Maryland and they won fairly easily and the Univ of Illinois also won bigThe Washington Redskins didn't have a chance to get in the playoffs, however they gave the NY Giants all they could handle.

We took advantage of the nice weather today to go geocaching.  There were two caches close to the RV park and we found the first one very easily.  The 2nd cache posed more of a challenge.  It was located in the desert about 1/4 mile from a parking space.  There were a few paths out there but they didn't lead to the cache.  We found it attached to a dead cactus on the ground and signed the log.  Then we had to walk back to the car as the sun set.  I had the foresight to lock onto a large house and used it to find our way back.  
We stopped at Pizza Hut and picked up a pizza for dinner and headed back to the RV park.  They had a special on stuffed crust pizza and that is one of Gerry's favorite pizza.  It sure hit the spot.

The last few nights have been very cold with temps down around 20-24 degrees.  At that temp we have to be careful with the water hose and the pipes in the MH.  We made it through fine and the forecast for tonight is for warmer weather.  The next week it will be in a warming spell so that will be great.

You all have fun this year.

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