Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Casa Grande

Gerry's nephew was flying into Phoenix today on business and we had arranged to meet him for a late lunch.  Casa Grande is 80 miles from us and 45 miles for him so we arranged to meet there.  We got to the restaurant around 2:45pm and there he was waiting for us.  It was great to see him.  We last saw him in June of 2009 when we visited with his family in Park City, UT.

The lunch crowd had left and we had a nice table in the back and didn't feel bad occupying the table so long.  We brought each other up to date on what was going on in our lives and before you knew it the dinner crowd started coming in.  He had to pick up his partner at the airport and we bid him a fond farewell.  Hope we don't have to wait so long to visit with him again.

We did a little geocaching before the lunch and picked up a few caches.  After the lunch we went out again and found a few more.  There were 3 caches that we couldn't find and 6 found so that was nice.  We drove all over Casa Grande and saw the good & bad parts of the town.  Overall it was a nice town with a lot of modern box stores and restaurants.

Casa Grande was originally called Terminus because that was where the railroad ended.  For some reason they decided to call it Casa Grande after the Indian ruins, even though the ruins actually are in Coolidge, AZ.  You learn something new everyday and that is what makes geocaching so interesting.  Good exercise also.

We drove 190 miles total today and it wasn't that bad.  I-10 is about a mile from us here and the restaurant was about 2 miles from I-10.  The speed limit is mostly 75mph except through Tucson where it is 65mph.  Of course, we saw a number of people pulled over by the state troopers due to speeding or other violations.  One car was being checked by the drug sniffing dog and the driver was in handcuffs. 

Now we are home tired out and taking it easy.  Busy day.

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