Wednesday, October 20, 2010

St Marys, GA Crooked River State Park

They ran us out of James Island CG this morning.  Checkout time is 11am and a worker came by at 10:30 and wanted to remind us that today was our last day there.  Very efficient.  We managed to get out of there around 11:15am and were on US 17 South shortly thereafter.

We took the back road rather than the longer route via interstates.  The interstates can be so boring and we like back roads whenever we can travel on them.  It was really to our advantage today since we found a gas station with regular gas at $2.59.  We connected with I-95 South and departed South Carolina once again.

I-95 wasn't as crowded and busy as previous trips and there was a little construction but nothing to slow us down.  The trip down through Georgia was uneventful and it was nice seeing some of the changes since we were last here.  They had a nice sign to welcome us.

It was a short 215 mile drive today to the park and that was enough for us.  They had our welcome packet waiting for us when we got to Crooked River SP and we got to select our campsite and found a good one.  Easy entrance to it and we were set up in no time and had to turn on the A/C to cool down the unit.  Warm down here and dry also.  

We went out to dinner at Pauley's Cafe in downtown St. Marys and had a delicious Almond crusted grouper dinner.  Gerry joined me and had the same thing.  Super.   I found the place on Google Earth and printed out a coupon for a free glass of wine.  The restaurant is very small and difficult to find even though it is on the main drag.  

The town has gone all out with Halloween decorations and they are having some events planned also.  It is neat to see such good community spirit in a town.  

The Kings Bay submarine base is located between the park and the town and I will include a nice picture of the sub buried outside the entrance to the sub base.  Maybe we can get on the base and take a tour, but I doubt security would allow it.

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