Monday, October 25, 2010

Beach Day

Our friends Pat and John got into town around 1pm and we went to their hotel to meet them.  They were getting the door lock on their hotel room changed since it was broken and we chatted for a while in their room.

We took the chatting to the beach and had a late lunch with them at the Sandy Bottom restaurant on the veranda.  I was looking for a grouper sandwich but they didn't have any on the menu.  What a bummer.  We took a long time for lunch and then drove downtown to see what it looked like.  Not much traffic and very few tourists.  The store owners say it has been a bad year for tourism and times are rough.  Sounds like a familiar story at these beach places.

Pat and John purchased a double wide trailer in an RV park in Central Florida last year and were heading down there for the winter.  They still have their motor home but left it in NY.  Should be interesting to see how they like the park life.

We talked and talked the whole time they were here and left them in the hotel around 10:30pm, tired but it was great seeing them once again.  I am sure we will be seeing them in the future on one of our trips down to Florida.

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