Monday, October 11, 2010

Restful Day

Today was a day of rest for all of us after the wedding and all the things going on with it.  All the out of town visitors had left and we visited with Barbara & Henry in the afternoon and looked at photos of the wedding and had lunch.  Nothing strenuous or anything like that.

We went over to Larry Jr. & Jane's house and helped them with a few chores and unpacking.  We made a run to Best Buy to pick up a wireless card for his desktop computer and then had dinner with them.  After visiting a while longer we hit the road.

Hit the road to visit with Sean & Taylor in their new house.  They live about 10 minutes from Larry & Jane and we used the GPS to find their house.  Good thing since it was dark and the street signs were hard to read.  They just settled on the house on September 30 and are still working on the house.  It is a very nice house and very spacious and I know it will serve them well for a long time.  They both were worn out so we left early and came back to the MH.

We move in the morning to Larry Jr's driveway for a couple nights and then on to Charleston, SC. 


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