Friday, October 15, 2010

Charleston, SC

We woke up early today and started getting the MH ready to hit the road once again.  Larry Jr. and Grant came out to the MH and we had breakfast with them and chatted for a while.  A long while.  We got out of there around 1:30pm and pointed the MH towards Charleston, SC.

The traffic on I-77 and I-26 was much heavier than I remembered it being.  I-26 was especially bad with long long line of vehicles on the road.  I only drive about 63mph so I think I held up some people, but that is life.

There was an accident just outside of Charleston and we had managed to pull off into the Rest Area to log onto the GPS system on the computer.  Good timing.  We sat there about 25 minutes and then traffic seemed to start moving again.  They must have cleared the accident very fast and we continued on to the campground.

We are staying at James Island County Park in a very nice campground.  The reservation was made last week and we got one of the last sites available for this weekend.  Lots of small children on bikes all over the place.  The parents seem to drop them off on the roads and bike paths and let them go.  I guess that is the way it goes today with parents and children.

We plan on checking out the sights here and enjoy some of the great southern cooking down here for our 5 day stay.  Stay tuned for some neat photos and stories.

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  1. I know you don't care for KOAs but the one in Clinton, OK is nice and she makes fresh pie everyday in her convection oven. The Route 66 Museums in Clinton and Elk City are interesting and the Stafford Astronaut Museum in Clinton was interesting. Ron enjoyed it more than I did. The KOA is in between the two towns by Clinton Lake.