Friday, October 8, 2010

Glenwood Acres RV Park

We managed to get a fairly early start for our trip down to Concord, NC today.  Early for us.  The traffic was moving along very well for the first 200 miles and we thought we had a chance of making the rehearsal dinner.  Then the lanes went from three lanes to two lanes and then all the traffic stopped.  Dead stopped!  We managed to see around the tractor trailer truck in front of us and for the next mile or so it was a giant parking lot.  We were stuck in a line of stop and go traffic for over an hour & a half.  There wasn't an alternative route so we waited it out.

Once through that we move ok until we got to another slowdown but not as bad.  We were so happy to get off I-85 at exit 49 and drive the mile or so to the campground.  

That was an experience also.  It is in a trailer park right across from the Lowes Speedway and the roads are one lane wide.  The office signs were no where to be found.  Finally a resident said we would have to call Phillip and have him guide us to our spot.  He finally showed up and took us on a tour of the RV park with us towing the Saturn and making a lot of tight turns.  He then lead us into an open field and stopped his golf cart and instructed us to remove the Saturn from the MH.  My first thought was that there was no way we were going to dry camp for 3 days  with the wedding and all.  

No problem.  We had to drive back onto the road and make a very sharp turn and come back into the park in order for enter our assigned campsite.  In the end it all turned out very nice since we have a nice campsite under some shade trees.  By this time Phillip had left us and didn't return.  We still have to pay him for the three nights.  

We finally made it to the rehearsal dinner about 15 minutes before everyone was getting ready to leave.  They had some very good BBQ left and some beans so we grabbed a snack and a beer.  It looked like the dinner went over very well and we wished we could have made it.  Take away the two hours stopped and the 1/2 hour waiting for the campsite and we would have made it.  

We all went over to Barb & Henry's house and visited with them until 1120PM and finally headed back to the MH very tired and worn out. It was great seeing everyone and we had a great time.  Henry even had Yuengling beer for me to drink.  How sweet it is.

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