Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Charleston, SC

We finally made it to downtown Charleston today and checked it out.  Our last visit to Charleston was in 2005 and we spent the better part of 3 days exploring the city.  They have some of the most beautiful old houses down by the Battery that we have ever seen.  Large 2-3 story homes that would look like mansions anywhere else in the US. 

We also drove over the Ravenel Bridge over Charleston Harbor we visited the Submarine Memorial and took some pictures of the USS Yorktown CV10 which is now a memorial in the harbor.  The Yorktown was used in Anti-Submarine Warfare exercises in the 60s and early 70s when I worked at the Naval Anti Submarine Warfare Data Center.  It was an interesting time to be working in that era due to the cold war and rapid advances being made in ASW equipment and tactics.

We went to the Pink House Gallery to see what it looked like.  It is a very old and historic building and one of the oldest buildings in the US.

We stopped at the Charleston Crab House for dinner and had super meals and service.  The Crab House is located on water next to a bridge and we sat outside to enjoy the weather and view.   I had an excellent Grouper sandwich and Gerry had Coconut shrimp which she loved.  The Crab House was featured on a "Flip This House" TV program in 2006 and the results were very nice.  I don't know what it looked like before but it is great now.

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