Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pre Wedding Gathering

Today was for the gathering of the clans in advance of the wedding.  The grandparents, aunts & uncles, moms & dads, siblings and cousins and friends gathered for one of Barbara's special lasagna dinners.

Earlier in the day the bridal parties and a few family members went out for a pedicure and manicure.  They all looked beautiful when they came back and showed off the results.

The guys stayed behind and watched South Carolina beat Alabama in football and we managed to drink a few brews.  It was a very good game and I enjoyed the outcome with SC winning 35-21.  

The bridesmaids came over to spend the evening and some of the groomsmen were there at various times of the day.  The picture below is of Stephanie (bride), Shawn ( groom ) and Joy ( matron of honor ) enjoying the day.  

The bridesmaids and bride jumped in the hot tub later in the evening except for two of them who were pregnant and didn't want to cook their unborn children.  Good thinking.  They were a little shy and donned their swimming suits for the dip.   We weren't invited in for a dip, but managed to get through it.

Gerry, Barbara & Cassie posed for a nice picture later in the evening and you can see the happiness in their faces.  Tired, but happy.  

We went over to Larry Jr. & Jane's house after we were thrown out of Barbara's home to check out their new home.  They moved from Oklahoma to North Carolina last weekend and will be living and working in the area.  The house is nice and once it is given some TLC it will be a very nice place to live.  There is a 1/2 acre fenced in lot so the dog will have a place to run and enjoy himself.

We then drove back to motor home and went to bed after 12am.  Long and tiring day.

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