Thursday, October 7, 2010

Departure Time

Well, we got the motorhome loaded, cabin shut up for winter and hit the road today around 3pm.  We managed to make it to Pocahontas State Park near Chesterfield, VA for the night.  Our good friends Carolyn & Mann met us at the campsite with a pizza and some beer.  Great!   We ate the pizza and drank the beers and then sat around and chatted until 11:30pm.  It was great seeing them again and maybe we can talk them into coming out to Tucson this winter. 

As usual, we carefully packed the motorhome and then at the last hour or so we just brought things out to store in their proper place later.  It gets harder every year to pack the MH and get ready.  Maybe we should just live in it full time and use the cabin sparingly.  Nah, we like the cabin too much to do that to it.

Short blog this night since I am beat and heading for bed now.

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  1. Glad to hear you are on your way. We started cleaning out the 5th wheel and organizing the "stuff" underneath yesterday. Going to try real hard not to pack to much this year. Have a safe trip and keep up the blog.