Wednesday, November 12, 2014

We Are Camping In Hollywood

Hollywood, South Carolina that is.  Hollywood is on the outskirts of Charleston, SC.  We made the long journey of 90 miles yesterday from our location near Savannah, GA to here.  It was an easy drive and we didn't run into any traffic problems.  Well, I did have to make a sudden stop to turn into the campground, but the driver behind me was alert and all is well.

We are camped at Lake-Aire RV park here in Hollywood in a Passport America park.  It is ok for the short term, but we don't think we'd like to spend a lot of time here.  The sites are narrow and either grass covered or in the case of ours, sand covered.  There seems to be a number of long term campers here, but overall it is fine for our immediate needs.

Our destination for today was Folly Beach and we picked it since it was a beautiful sunny and warm day.  We have one more day before the weather turns colder, but not bad.  No freezing weather in the forecast so that is good.

The traffic on the way to the beach was quite heavy and that was a surprise since it wasn't rush hour.  There was some new bridge construction, however that didn't slow us down.  Gerry went for a walk on the beach and found a few nice shells including a sand dollar in great shape.  The tide was out and she had a lot of sand to cover.

 We stopped at the nice County Park on the west end of the island and took advantage of the free parking there.  It was an easy walk from the parking lot to the water's edge.  I took a couple chairs out and we planned on sitting there a while and enjoying the views.  The no-see-ums were out in force and put an end to that idea.

Me in our nice chairs

Folly Beach
I heard some racket and turned around to find this kite sailing rig flying down the beach.  They had a gas powered engine and a small place to sit and seemed to be very maneuverable and the two flyers were zooming along and then shooting up in the air and turning in circles.

This flyer was more daring than the other one and was doing loops and flying very fast.  Now I have something else to add to my "bucket list" if I can find a kite big enough to keep me in the air.

Another reason for taking the trip to Folly Beach was to enjoy some great seafood.  We've been to Folly Beach before and ate at a restaurant on main street and thought it was ok, but nothing special.  This time we asked a man walking his dog where a nice seafood place was.  He lives there and said the best one was the Loggerhead Restaurant, so off we went to search for the place.  It was easy to find and we managed to find a parking space right next to the restaurant.

They had an outside deck about 18ft off the ground and we headed there.  It was somewhat like the Tiki Bars in the Florida Keys, but we weren't on the water.  That was ok, since it was happy hour and we managed to snare a couple adult drinks and had a great meal.  I had the flounder dinner (which was almost as good as grouper) and Gerry had a delicious seafood trio with shrimp, lobster ravioli and blue crab alfredo sauce covering the meal.  She loved it and said it was a meal to come back to in the future.

Loggerhead Tiki Bar & Restaurant
As usual, there were a large number of beach houses for sale along the side roads.  Some of them were huge and looked like small hotels.  They would be great for large families to congregate during the summer.  

The drive back to the motorhome went quicker since we were going against the traffic for half of the trip and then US 17 for the remainder.  Lots of traffic lights, but we made good time there, also.  All in all it was a nice afternoon on the beach and great food.  Life is good.

That was our day, how was yours?

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