Sunday, November 2, 2014

Gracie & The Bonaventure Cemetery

Bonaventure Cemetery is older than 150 years and has been written about in poems, books and  films extensively.  Numerous military generals, Conrad Aiken the poet and Johnny Mercer are among those buried there.  The remains of 344 Holocaust victims are buried in a mass grave near the entrance to the cemetery.

John Berendt's book, "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" featured the famous "Bird Girl" statue which was formerly located in the cemetery.  The statue has been moved to the Telfair Museum of Art, founded through the request of Mary Telfair, who is also buried at Bonaventure.  The statue was moved after the book came out due to people chipping away at it to get a souvenir.

Perhaps the most famous person buried there is Gracie Watson.  She was a precocious little girl of six who was loved by many people.  Her father was the manager of the Pulaski Hotel, one of the most prestigious hotels in the south.  Little Grace passed away in 1889 just before Easter due to pneumonia.  As a tribute to his beautiful little girl, Gracie’s father had sculpture John Walz carve a monument to his girl. Using a photograph as reference John Walz scupltued the monument which now sits upon Little Gracie’s grave site out at Bonaventure Cemetery. It is said to be life size and a picture perfect representation of Little Gracie Watson. This hauntingly beautiful monument to Little Gracie has captivated visitors to her grave site for over 100 years. 

People leave toys, candy and little gifts on the family plot for Gracie and it has been said she talks to some of the people who visit the gravesite.  We didn't hear her, but that isn't to say it's not true.  If you want to see the gravesite, it is located in section E.

There is a Jewish section in the cemetery, one for military veterans, politicians and many others.  Some of the headstones are quite elaborate and ornamental.  The one below was quite old and had a lot of Germanic writings on the headstones.

Obviously, this headstone on a family plot belongs to a musician or someone who really loves music.

This elaborate headstone was in the Germanic section of the cemetery.

Cathedral of St John the Baptist

We topped off the day with a visit to Carey Hilliards BBQ & Seafood restaurant and enjoyed a very nice meal.  I had a BBQ platter, Gerry & Herb had their catfish fix and Judy enjoyed her shrimp dinner.  If you are in west Savannah, try the place, you will like it.

Then it off for some more touring around Savannah and a stop at the Savannah Coffee Roasters for some great coffee.  The owner was there and stopped by and chatted with us for a while.  She and her husband have remodeled the building and have some great coffee and pastries for sale along with free wifi.  Try it out. 

Coffee Roaster
 Finally, it was time to call it a day and we went back to the motor home.  The weather played a trick on us and the temps dropped down into the 30s at night.  We were warm enough in the motor home and got a good nights sleep.

That was our day, how was yours?

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