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Halloween In Savannah

October 31, 2014

This is a continuation of my Oct 31st blog since the first part was so long.  We had spent the day at Tybee Island and the evening in downtown Savannah on River Street.  River Street is full of bars, restaurants, gift shops, nice parks and docks.


"For 44 years, Florence Martus (1868-1943) lived on nearby Elba Island with her brother the lighthouse keeper, and no ship arrived for Savannah or departed from 1887 to 1931 without her waving a handkerchief by day or a lantern by night. Throughout the years, the vessels in return watched for and saluted this quiet little woman. Few people ever met her yet she became the source of romantic legends when the story of her faithful greetings was told in ports all over the world. After her retirement the Propeller Club of Savannah, in honor of her seventieth birthday, sponsored a celebration on Cockspur Island. A Liberty ship, built in Savannah in 1943, was named for her"

After 44 years, Florence died in a hospital in 1943. The citizens of Savannah erected the Waving Girl statue of Florence Martus to honor the woman who stood by her man for all those years (even when he never returned) with a statue on the Savannah waterfront.

Florence Martus
 The free trolley runs back and forth along River Street and is a great way to walk along the multi blocks long street and then take the trolley back your starting point.

 Notice the couple on the right side of the picture as they come into view better later in the blog.

The Peacemaker, originally named Avany, was built on a riverbank in southern Brazil using traditional methods and tropical hardwoods, and was launched in 1989. The original owner and his family motored in the southern Atlantic Ocean before bringing the ship up through the Caribbean to Savannah, GA, where they intended to rig it as a three-masted staysail Marconi rigged motor sailor. The work was never done, however, and in the summer of 2000, it was purchased by the Twelve Tribes, a religious group with 50 or so communities in North and South America, Europe, and Australia. They spent the next seven years replacing all of the ship’s mechanical and electrical systems and rigging it as a barquentine. The refit vessel set sail for the first time in the spring of 2007, under the name Peacemaker.

The Peacemaker is used to travel between the communities of the Twelve Tribes while providing an apprenticeship program for their youth in sailing, seamanship, navigation, and boat maintenance.

The town was full of Halloweeners all decked out in really neat costumes.  There was a Crawl-O-Ween on Saturday night and participating bars had special on bar drinks after you bought a $10 ticket.  The fee included a drink cup and it was used to receive the discounted drinks.  

 This young lady was a waitress at Tubby's restaurant.  She wound up wearing this costume because she was the last person hired.  One other waiter was dressed up as Urkel and looked just like him.

The Spanish tall ship El Galeón Andalucía is docked on River Street from Friday, October 24, 2014 to November 2.  The Tall ship will be visiting Savannah for a 10 day stay during its five month tour of the east coast.  The 170-foot long, 500 ton ship is the only Galeón class vessel sailing today.  Five of the seven decks are for the public to tour.  It carries an all-Spanish crew of 25 sailors, several of which will welcome visitors aboard when they tour this one-of-a-kind vessel.  It was transformed into a haunted ship for Halloween and was a popular destination.

 One of the entrance ways to River Street and the streets are cobblestone and bricks which make for a bumpy ride.

El Galeón Andalucía 
 Well, shiver me timbers, here comes Blackbeard and one of his wenches.

Some more revilers on River street dressed as ??

We hung around River street for a long time and finally wore ourselves out and decided to head back to the motor home and get some much needed rest.

That was our day, how was yours?

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