Monday, November 10, 2014

Good Bye Savannah & US Marine Corp Birthday

We came to Savannah with the intention of staying 5-6 days and then moving on further south.  Well, we've been here 12 days and are heading north in the morning.  We've had such a good time exploring Savannah and the Lowcountry of South Carolina that we hate to leave.  I think we may come back next year and spend a month or two in the area and really check it out.

Today was  a R&R day and we worked on getting some small chores finished so we can get an early start in the morning.  Not too early, but sometime before noon.  It will be a short 90 mile drive up to Charleston, SC for a week and then back to Concord, NC for almost two weeks.  I hope the cold weather moves out of Concord before it is time to drive there.  In any case we will be fine since we have two heat pumps, a diesel aqua hot heater, fireplace and a space heater.  As long as we have electricity, we will stay warm.

Yesterday we visited with Don & Sharon Del Rosario for "Happy Hour" at their unit.  We started out in bright warm sunshine and wound up in the dark and cold.  We enjoyed hearing about their trip to the Canadian maritime provinces.  They had a great time and it sounds like they want to go back and that is a good sign. Gypsy & The Mariner   It is on our bucket list for the future if we can work it out.

The Hardeeville RV park in Levy, SC has been a great spot to hang around these past few days.  It doesn't have a pool, no shower & bath house, and doesn't have a rec center, but it suited us fine for our stay here.  It is convenient to Savannah, Hilton Head Island and Beaufort, SC.  If you are a Passport America member, then this is the place to stay in the Savannah area.

Our daughter in law Jane is the Executive Director for the Center for Prevention Services in Charlotte, NC and they are set up on Smile to receive a small portion of purchases made though Amazon. If you use Amazon for shopping and would like to help out (at no cost to you - other than what you were going to purchase anyway), please choose her agency - Center for Prevention Services in Charlotte, NC - as your desired charity.

Gerry and I had the honor of attending a number of Marine Corp Birthday celebrations while I was in the Foreign Service overseas.  Today we celebrate the 239th birthday of the Marine Corp and wish we had an opportunity to attend the ball.

The last Ball we attended was in Costa Rica in 1991 prior to our leaving there in 1992.  The Ball was held at the Hotel Cariari Country Club in San Jose and we shared a table with Fernando & Helen Giacomin.  Fernando convinced (not hard to do) Gerry to dance with him and they cut a mean rug.

The ceremony was great as always and we had a ringside seat for the event.  It was impressive to see these young Marines in their dress uniforms marching in so proudly.  Semper Fi


That was our day and time in Levy, SC.  How was your day?       

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  1. It was nice to spend some time with you two, and we wish you well in your travels! Hope to see you in AZ in the Spring.