Friday, November 7, 2014

Bluffton Farmers Market & Foolish Frog

We have slowed down in our touring and are checking out some of the local sights here in the Lowcountry.  Yesterday we drove over to the Bluffton Farmers Market to see what they had there.  We thought it was in a park, however they closed down a city block for the market.  Parking was at a premium and I had to drop Gerry off at the market and then try and find a parking space.  I wound up parking in a no parking area and stayed with the car to avoid getting a ticket.

Gerry managed to find a vendor who had some nice vegetables and picked up some tomatoes, green beans and zucchini.  I did manage to park close enough to the market so I could take a few pictures.  

 The restaurant on the corner near where the man in the pink sweater is walking had a free wine tasting.  We managed to snare a parking space and walked back there for the tasting.  They had 4 wines and I didn't care for any of them, while Gerry liked one that was half price.  It was listed as $24.00 and we thought it was selling for $12.00.  Nope, it was a $48.00 wine that tasted like a $4.00 wine so we passed on it.

We drove around and managed to get past the security gate at a Del Webb homes subdivision called The Haven which is near to Bluffton.  It looked like a nice place with nice size lawn and interesting homes.  That caused us to visit the sales center today and check out some of them.  They had some nice homes available and Gerry's interest is perked up.  Oh Oh!!

After the homes visit we drove down to Beaufort, SC to pick up some shrimp and grouper.  We didn't get there in time and they were closed up tighter than a drum.  There was another shrimp place nearby and we picked up a couple pounds of shrimp at $13.00 lb.  They look mighty good and I think Gerry is going to cook them up on Saturday.  No grouper though, the shop only sold what they caught.

By this time it was late and we stopped for dinner at the Foolish Frog restaurant.  Gerry had the shrimp and penne pasta dinner which she said was just ok.  I ordered Fish Tacos and they were great, the best I've ever had as a matter of fact.  We had fried pickle chips for an appetizer and they were very good also.  The meals were a little pricey, but not excessive.

Foolish Frog interior
Bar area at the Foolish Frog
 Then it was back to the motorhome to watch some TV and relaxation.  We enjoy watching The Amazing Race and we finally were able to see an episode of it this season.

That was our day, how was yours? 

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  1. We took Scooter to the vet today so you had a much more exciting day than we did. Jim still has a few shrimp left in the freezer and is saving them for a special occasion.