Thursday, November 13, 2014


One thing that we notice in our travels is all the hard to pronounce names for towns and streets.  We came across one of the strangest names on our way to Edisto Island, SC today.  We weren't searching for the road, but it just cropped up and grabbed us.  Yes, that is the correct spelling for the road.  I wasn't able to find out what it means other than it may be an Indian term.  Try saying that word real fast five times. 

The weather forecast for today was highs in the mid 70s and Friday it is going to be a high of 53.  Brrrrrrr.  Of course. it is always relative when you talk about weather and Gerry's cousin Joanne in the Cleveland, OH area would be happy with these temps.  They are calling for temps down to the low 30s in a couple days, but we can handle that fine in the motor home.  I'm glad we aren't in the Cleveland area with this weather forecast and that our home has wheels.

Our destination was lunch at a seafood restaurant about 15 miles from here on the way to Edisto Island.  They have a short time period for lunch and we didn't want to hurry our lunch so we continued on to Edisto Island.  We drove through Edisto Island State Park to look at the campground.  The campground off the beach had some nice large sites that we could fit into nicely.  They are heavily wooded right along a marsh area.  The sites on the Atlantic Ocean aren't as nice, but they did have a number there also that were large enough for us.

The no-see-ums were terrible on the ocean side and they were chewing us up big time.  Once the tide goes out in the marshes, the no-see-ums come looking for food and that meant us.  I rate them up there with ticks and mosquitos as being the most hated insects.  That is one nice thing about Tucson, they don't have 2 of the three above pests and very few mosquitos.  Love it!

I tried out the new smartphone using my app and found out there were about 40 geocaches in that small area.  We looked for one and weren't able to find it, but when I got back to the motor home I found that we were right on top of the cache.  Now we have to go back and find some of them.

We stopped at Captain Jimmy Bell's seafood restaurant on the way back and found out they didn't open until 5:00PM and it was only 4:30PM when we arrived in their vacant parking lot.  Oh Oh!  We decided to wait until they opened and sat on a bench in front of the restaurant.  

We only sat there a few minutes and one of the owners came out and invited us to wait inside.  We didn't want to be rude, so we accepted her invitation and went inside.  She said to pick out a table and asked if we wanted something to drink and we had a couple Landshark Lagers to help pass the time.  Captain Jimmy came out a couple times to make sure we were settled in and to talk with us.  Very friendly couple and the time went by quickly.

Gerry had a crab platter and since the only fish they had was flounder and I had that yesterday, I ordered the closet thing to a fish that I could find.  The hamburger was very tasty and the vegetable salad was great.  Gerry enjoyed her meal and said she would order it again if we return to the restaurant.  The waitress was very friendly and talked about her family and their life down in the Lowcountry of South Carolina.  We enjoyed the food and the attention we received from the three of them.  Highly recommended if you are in the area.

The men's room had an interesting sign on the wall pointing toward the urinal.  I tried to get a picture of the sign and urinal but wasn't able to fit it all in.  So, here is the sign.

I don't have any idea what all this was about, but thought it was interesting.  I will tell you that the sign in the urinal was a red target.  Let your imagination fill in the details.

Edisto Beach is quite long with a number of vacation homes for rent.  It seemed that every house on the beach was for sale or rent.  There weren't a lot of businesses on the Island so I imagine everyone brought in their own food, drinks and entertainment.

That was our day, how was yours? 



  1. Hate to tell you Larry but the NO-See-Um's were awful this year in Tucson. Have a great Thanksgiving with your family.

    1. What were you and Sherwin doing in the bushes where the noseeums were hanging out? LOL

  2. They actually had those stupid bugs up here in AJ this year also. But the last week or so they seem to be going away and with the little bit cooler weather (70's) and no humidity I'm hoping they clear out totally. Sure feels good to be back here. And I like your idea of the closest choice to a fish. Works for me.