Saturday, November 22, 2014

Gone Girl & P F Chang


Barbara & Henry invited us out for dinner and a movie and treated us as an anniversary present.  I am beginning to enjoy these birthday and anniversary presents and can see where it would be great to have each year.  Thanks you two for the past couple days.  It's been great.

We started off by going to an early dinner at P F Chang's restaurant and were seated very quickly.  The last time we tried a movie and Chang's we did it with the movie first and then the restaurant.  That didn't work out since we had over an hour wait to get seated in the restaurant.  This time we each ordered different meals and then shared them among the 4 of us.  Actually, two Mongolian Beef dinners were ordered, but the other meals were Sesame Chicken and Sweet & Sour Pork.  All the entrees were great and we had a great time.

The girls went birthday shopping after dinner and we stopped by the theater to purchase the tickets for Gone Girl.  Henry and I then sat around the food court and waited for the girls to come back from spreading the money around.  Then it was on to see the movie.

The movie is about a modern marriage and the problems that come up in it.  I won't go into any details, but it was an interesting plot and we enjoyed seeing how the plot unveiled as the movie went along.  It's worth seeing if you like dramas and many different twists as it progresses to it's conclusion.  See it if you get a chance.


We stopped by Larry & Jane's to pick up Grant for an overnight with us in the motor home.  Then we went to Barb & Henry's for the girls to work on Christmas cards and the guys to watch some football.  A lot of football!  Great grandson Griffin was there and he and Grant played together and had a great time.  

It was a good football weekend for me since the three college teams I follow all won.  Maryland won over Michigan, Illinois over Penn State and Arizona put a hurting on Utah.  It is rare for all three to win since Illinois is in a down year for the team.  I'll take these days whenever I can.

We had a late dinner and then returned to the motor home for the night.  Quiet day, but welcome since we are worn out from the previous days.  

Our friend Judy Randol is celebrating a birthday today and we wish her a happy birthday.  I won't tell you how old she is, but it's over 39 and holding.  

That was our last couple days, how were yours?


  1. We certainly have had an amazing time with you these past few days!
    I think we could ALL get in trouble on a regular basis.