Tuesday, December 17, 2013

PT & Game Camera

I've wanted a game camera for a long time but never could justify in my mind a reason to purchase one.  It's not like I do a lot of hunting or really have a need for the camera, so it fell into the "I want one" category.

Gerry recently bought a Kindle reader and set up an Amazon account to buy books and such.  As she was skimming different areas of Amazon she came across a "daily deal" for a nice Bushnell, Trophy Camera Camo.  It came in last week right about the time I was released from the hospital and I didn't have a chance to work with it very much.  I did read the manual and set up the camera the best I could, but the picture quality wasn't there.  This morning I set it up on the picnic table while we sat out there and had our breakfast.  Small step, but it did answer a couple questions I had about the camera.  I haven't updated the date and time yet, but I hope to do that soon.  Poco a Poco!    Little by little.

It was about this time that a fellow camper was walking by and I asked him to take a picture of us sitting out in the warm sunny morning.  I left the Bushnell camera sitting there in active mode while all this was going on to see how it worked.  Great.

The picture below is the one taken by the fellow camper and it turned out pretty good also.  Of course it was taken with Gerry's Panasonic camera.

Note Bushnell camera on table by green tarp
Today was also a PT day with Ian, my physical therapist.  He tends to push me a lot and while I hate the hour long session, I feel that I make good strides when he works with me.  I had asked if I could get on the bike the last time I was there and today was the big day.  After a warm up period I walked over to the bike and slowly turned the pedals until I made a revolution going backwards and then started working for forward motions.  I must admit it was a little scary but it was worth it.


The rest of the session was devoted to typical therapy exercises and they went well also.  At the end he put the ice bag on the knee which was the most painful part of the therapy.

I did get some more great news.   Since I'm doing so well, I can put the walker away and use a cane.  At this time the cane is a little more difficult but I know that I will adjust quickly and that makes it easier on Gerry handling the walker so much.  

It's hard to believe that I had the operation 15 days ago.  I am looking forward to the next 15 days and hope I can make as much progress.

As a reward, Gerry took me to the Hot Rod Cafe for lunch.  We sat outside under cover and enjoyed the great weather.  I had a Taco Salad that was so large I couldn't finish it.  Gerry had an Enchilada platter and brought home over half of the meal.  

By this time I was ready to head back to the motorhome and take a break.  As it turned out, the break overlapped with a nice long nap.  Now I just hope I can fall asleep tonight and wake up raring to go in the morning.

The weather today was beautiful with a high around 83 degrees and a nice breeze.  Life is good.



  1. Great coffee mugs! Those things have sure held up. YFSILINC

  2. Already able to push those pedals around. I am really impressed. My BIL had his knee done last summer and he didn't do near as well as you are. Keep up the good work. Always fun to get something on that wish list. Especially when it's a big deal.