Sunday, December 29, 2013

Potluck Dinner & Games

We had a small potluck dinner at the recreation center this afternoon.  There were about 25 people attending and it was very casual.  Everyone brought a dish and there was more than enough food to go around.  We brought a Costco vegetable tray with snap peas, carrots, tomatoes & broccoli with a dipping sauce.  There were some very good dishes there including Polynesian meatballs, delicious enchiladas, turkey noodle soup and many side dishes. 

It was a nice gathering and not too crowded so we got a chance to chat with a number of fellow campers.  It is difficult to socialize real well when the place is full and you can't even move around the room.  

We were on a time limit though since it was also game night and those who weren't staying around for garbage bingo had to hit the road.  Actually we would have been welcome to stay, but we had a busy day and I was getting a little worn out by then.

I usually go up to a local convenience store in the evening and pick up a cappuccino around 10-11 pm.  I like the hot coffee since it helps break up the stuffiness in my nose.  Last night when we went up there a little later the cappuccino coffee machine was being cleaned and I had to do without.  Tonight the same clerk was there and gave me a cheery hello and said he hadn't started cleaning the machine yet since he was waiting for me.  Evidently he mentioned last night to another clerk who is usually there when I go in and was told to wait for me before cleaning the machine.  Wow, talk about service.  I chatted with the clerk for a few minutes and headed on down the road.  

Ron K brought the old heating element from our fireplace back today and said it was repaired and ready to go.  It seems a small heat sensor was corroded and dirty and wasn't working properly.  Now I have a backup to the fireplace heating element and can replace it when/if it acts up again.  Nice to have friends who can repair just about anything.  Thanks Ron

We had a beautiful day and we took advantage of it to be outside for a while to enjoy the warmth.  The wind has died down and it was very pleasant out there.  

That was our day, how was yours?

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