Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mandeville, LA

Today was the day to explore Mandeville and we drove all over town checking it out.  The town is much larger than we imagined and is a very busy place.  Lots of traffic since it is close to the Causeway leading to New Orleans.  The traffic count on the Causeway is around 43,000 vehicles a day and costs $3.00 for a round trip.  

We found a very nice Chinese restaurant called Trey Yuen and stopped by for lunch.  The food was great and service very good also.  They have the grounds landscaped very nicely with a waterfall, ponds full of Carp and beautiful bushes and bamboo.  We were looking for a cache and found a great place to relax.  

Later on about sunset we wanted to see if the sunset here was as pretty as Arizona or Key West.  Close, but no cigar.  It was nice to see the sunset over the Causeway as it reminded us of sunset at Bahia Honda State Park in the Keys.  Same old gold ball slipping over the horizon at a rapid pace.   We had drinks and finished off a very nice day at the Barley Oak bar.  Great location.

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