Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gulf State Park

The expected wind gusts of 40mph + did not materialize today much to our delight.  They were calling for 20-25 mph winds and that did not happen either.  The rains left us and we had clear day with temps in the mid 60's.  Beautiful.

We drove all over the campground and checked out the numerous areas where the campsites are.  It is very confusing at times since they don't label them as A, B, C or whatever, but across the road from such and such.  The pull through campsites are parallel to the road and I don't think are that desirable for long term use.  Great for overnight if you don't want to unhook the toad, but other than that there isn't any privacy.

They have a beautiful swimming pool with a separate area for the kids to walk in an area with fountains springing up all around you.  In the same area they have tennis courts, nature center, rec hall, campstore & laundry.  It just opened Labor Day weekend after being destroyed by hurricane Ivan in 2004.  It is a great facility and will be appreciated by campers for a long time.  That is, assuming another hurricane doesn't destroy it.

See url below for more information regarding the hurricane and damage in the area.

Gulf Shores hurricane Ivan damage

They have cabins for rent in another part of the park along with a golf course.  On the beach they have parking areas, a pavilion, and a  large fishing pier.  Needless to say, it is a great park and campground.

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