Saturday, November 6, 2010

FloraBama & Pensacola Air Museum

The cool weather we have been having the last few days continued on today, however it was sunny and clear with very little wind.  We decided to take advantage of the nice weather and hit the beach.  No, not swimming, just looking for shells.  We met a man who was part of the crew working on cleaning the beach and talked to him for a while about how bad it was.  No big deal was his assessment.  He said they worked 7 days a week cleaning but there wasn't a lot of oil to clean up.  Gerry found one or two tar balls on her walk on the beach & I saw one.  Lots of small sea shells for Gerry to add to her collection.

After the beach walk we were hungry so we headed to the FloraBama bar and grill for lunch.  The pictures we took the other day doesn't do this place justice.  It is one of the most ramshackle places we have seen in the US.  More like something you would find in Africa on the beach.  They look like they bought more lumber as they could save enough money and then look for something to build.  They had a couple dining areas but we chose the bar since you could see the Gulf and it was less crowded.  The food actually was pretty good and the beer was cold.  You can't get much better than that.  All in all it was a neat place and I bet it really rocks in the evenings in the summertime.

Since we were so close to the Pensacola Naval Air Station we decided to run up there and check it out.  We were there a couple years ago for the Blue Angels airshow and wanted to see what was going on.  The Blue Angels have their last show of the year on November 11 and we would love to stay for it but time is running out on getting to Tucson.  Fort Pickens is just across the bay from the NAS and it looks like it has been fixed up since the hurricane of a few years ago.  The NAS lighthouse is very nice and we hope to come back and tour the lighthouse and the great Naval Museum on NAS.  We saw the museum on a prior visit and loved it.  Must see when you are in the area.

That was our day down here on the Gulf.  We had a great time and were worn out after stopping for dinner at Jake's Grill where we had another great meal.  Not fish this time but prime rib which was excellent. 

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