Monday, November 29, 2010

Cold Cold

The weather in Tucson has been lousy the past week or so.  It has been running about 10 degrees below normal.  The weather  started off nice but lately a cold front has moved in and the night time temperatures have been cold for this area.  Tonight it is supposed to go down to around 24 in Tucson and a little warmer here in Vail.  I guess I will have to disconnect the hose this evening to keep it from freezing tonight.

We find it humorous to watch the TV news stations out here and see how much they pay attention to the weather.  They aren't used to cold weather like this and you would think a blizzard was imminent.  They were showing people how to wrap their outside faucets with heat tape, let the water run, putting down de icer on the bridges ( even though it is dry ) and other precautions.  After spending the first 18 years of my life in Illinois and going through sub zero weather quite frequently, ice storms, heavy snows and other lousy weather, it is hard to relate to this little cold snap.

We had a lazy day around here today and just took it easy.  Al came by for a short visit this afternoon and was going to refill his propane tank and get some food shopping done.  It was nice to see him and chat for a while.  Now we have to get Sharon out of the 5th wheel and go sightseeing in the area.  

They came and hooked up the 5th wheel unit across from us today.  The couple who have been here in the past didn't make it this year due to health problems.  At first we thought they would be late, but it looks like they won't make it at all.  We didn't know them very well, but it is always sad to see someone give up things they love.

Other than the above, not much has been going on around here.  There are days like this when full timing, just like around a house.  

Now to stay warm this evening.

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