Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gulf Shores in the rain

It rained most of the night and at times very hard.  It seemed like the rain came through in bands interspersed with clear skies.  The wind wasn't too bad so we were able to sleep fairly well.

We headed out in the rain today to look over the area and spent most of the time in the rain.  We managed to find two new caches in between the rain and added Alabama to our list of states where we have found caches.  The first one was an Earthcache where you find  a sign outlining natural features in the area with some facts.  There usually are 3-4 questions you have to answer and then email them to the owner of the cache to receive credit for the find.

We drove up to Florida on the Gulf coast and were amazed to see the large number of 10-25 story condos along the Gulf.  It is hard to imagine them being able to fill all those rooms but during the March-October time frame it is very busy down here.  We did run across the FloraBama restaurant on the border and took the following picture.  What a ramshackle looking place but I hear it is very popular.  

Flora Bama Link 

We heard that the sister of Jimmy Buffett owned a restaurant called Lulu's here in Gulf Shores so we decided to have dinner there this evening.  It is a very large open air place on a canal with live entertainment.  They say she serves 3,000 people a day and there is a 3 hour wait during busy times for dinner.  We walked right in and sat down this evening and had a very nice meal.  They have huge tables and chairs where you sit up very high and you can watch the boats going by during your meal.

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