Monday, November 8, 2010

Mandeville, LA Fountainebleau State Park

It was time to leave Gulf Shores today and wouldn't you know it, the day was warm and beautiful.  We had an easy 190 mile trip to Mandeville, LA and are now in Fontainebleau State Park for the next three nights.

Fontainebleau SP is on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain and occupies 2,800 acres of woodland and shoreline.   It was hit hard by Hurricane Katrina and over 80,000 trees were torn down and it actually picked up their in ground swimming pool and ripped it out and destroyed it.  Whew!  Glad we weren't here at that time.  They closed the park down for 9 months before they were able to reopen it.

We did stop at a Mississippi rest stop and picked up two geocaches.  There were three there but one wasn't listed on on  Unusual.  We want to find a cache in every state or at least as many as we can.  The count of caches is 667 and 19 states.  Only 31 to go and LA should be added on Tuesday.

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  1. Going to be a long drive to Hawaii. How many lanes did you ask for?