Saturday, December 26, 2015

Snow Flurries and The 'Skins win

We were out and about today looking for some bargains on Christmas decorations.  Managed to find a few of them and picked up our Christmas cards for next year so it was a success.  

While we were at Costco snow flurries were coming down fairly steadily.  Sort of unusual to see blue skies and snow at the same time.  There wasn't any accumulation and hopefully that will be our snow "storm" for the year.

The Redskins were playing the Philadelphia Eagles for first place in their division today.  Just our luck that it was shown on the NFL network which you have to pay for.  Oh well!  I got to thinking that the Hotrods Bar had numerous tvs around the place and gave them a call to see if they had the NFL network.  They did, so we hustled on up there to watch the end of the game.  There were 4 of us 'Skins fans there and thoroughly enjoyed the game and the outcome.  I hope Jim & Sandie up there in Apache Junction had a chance to see the game since they are long suffering Skins fans also.  The win clinched the division title and will guarantee they host a playoff game.  Go 'Skins!

The weather forecast is for the coldest night of the year with temps around 26 degrees.  We had temps like that at Thanksgiving time so we aren't that concerned.  The furnace in the MH is great and we have a couple standalone electric heaters so we are good to go.  It helps to run the water at a little stream all night to keep the water hose from freezing.  Our hose has insulation on it and if it was going to be colder I would turn the water off.

I received an email today from a "friend" in Florida pointing out how nice their weather was compared to ours.  Hmmm!   Well, I don't think the friend had a beautiful sunset like we did tonight.

That was our day out here in sunny and cold Tucson.  How was yours?


  1. We are still in shock that the Skins took the division. We didn't get to see the game so we "watched" the score on our phones. Happy dance.

    You guys are colder than we are and I much prefer a little cold over humidity and bugs. That wind was wicked yesterday. So we stayed home except for taking the girls out.

  2. You are having worse weather than we are in Ohio. Get the long johns out.

  3. Still beautiful weather here in the Charlotte area!!!! Glad to see the Skins pull thru!! Hate the Eagles almost as much as the Cowboys!
    Our Panthers finally lost a game. I'm actually happy, now they can get back to playing & get that monkey off their back. We needed to be humbled a bit so we can go win the Super Bowl!!!!
    Tons of fun here with all the kids, grandkids & Grandparents Hagadorn today! Sure would have preferred you join us, but love your sunsets!!! Love you!!