Monday, December 21, 2015

Football, Church & Freddy's Steakhouse

I have been a Washington Redskins fan for over 55 years and have lived through the lean years in the 1960s, Superbowl wins & losses and the painful years since the present owner has had the team.  I won't go into detail of what I think of his leadership, but if he was to sell them it would make me very happy.

The Washington Redskins haven't been very good for a long time and this year they still have a long way to go to be a good team; however, they are in first place in their division with a 7-7 record and can actually make the playoffs if they win their next two games.  This was a good weekend for them since all the other teams in the division lost and the 'Skins are in first place.  I'm glad I brought my Redskins shirts with me this year.   

BTW:  A friend of mine and I bought season tickets in the late 1960s and have kept them all these years.  Neither of us use them now and the son of my friend buys them from us and uses them for his business.

We went to the 5pm service at church and the priest must be an Arizona Cardinals fan since we were out of there in 40 minutes.  I think that is the shortest service we have ever attended.  The Christmas Mass will make up for it since we like to attend the Children's Mass and it's always a long one.

Recently a new Freddy's Steakhouse opened just down the road from us.  It's been mobbed ever since it opened but we decided to check it out today for dinner.  It was a madhouse there and cars were lined up at the drive thru window.  That was along with a ton of people inside.  We decided to order and see how long it would take for our dinner to make it to the table.  They have two lines to order the meals and give you a number which they call out at another counter.  It took us 15 minutes to get our order and thought that was great considering the crowd there.

Our friend Ron K tried it out a couple days ago and thought it was good and who should we see there but Ron coming back for seconds.  He had placed an order to go and when he saw us decided to join us for dinner.

My cheeseburger and Gerry's chicken sandwich

Ron K waiting for his order.
 We enjoyed the meals but think it is more like a Five Guys type restaurant minus the salted peanuts.  I think the burger was better than Five Guys and since it is so close, I am sure we will return for lunch a couple times while we are here.

That was our exciting day out here in sunny and warm Tucson.      



  1. Go Skins!!! We agree with you - we would have a party if the owner would just sell because we would actually have a chance. It's still hard to believe that at 7-7 we're in front. But it's nice to finally have something to cheer about. We went to a Freddy's but they are quite a ways from us so we don't get there very often. My problem is if I want a hamburger I want that one from Superior.

  2. About 5 yrs ago, they opened a Freddy's in Springfield MO right outside of Sam's Club. When we are there and we are taking the younger set out they want to go to Freddy's. Ice cream puts them over 5 guys, too. I like 5 guys about once every month or two. I like to eat 5 guys FF first because they are REALLY fresh cut and hot. Good to hear.

  3. Hahaha. Love the story about the minister.
    Browns fan here....we aren't going anywhere but to the cellar. Good luck. Merry Christmas

  4. No Freddy's here, but I've been to 5 Guys once. It was pretty good. Love the Skins on top! Once a fan, always a fan, however; after living in Charlitte/Concord for over 15 yrs, we have adopted the Carolina Panthers & that's the only team the kids remember pulling for. 14-0 is sure a great season for us! Hope it equates to a Super Bowl win!!!
    I did love rooting for the Skins in the 80's-- they were a powerhouse back then!