Friday, December 18, 2015

Brrrrrrrrr, It's Cold Here in Tucson

We usually have a couple weeks of cold weather here in Tucson in January, however this year it arrived early.  It has been down to 24F the past few nights and that is cold for us.  The days have been in the low 50s so it hasn't warmed up that much as is usual for here.

Today was nicer with temps in the 60s and Friday it will be back in the 70s.  That is the temps that we love and expect here.  It did snow on Mt. Lemmon a couple days ago with accumulation around 15 inches more or less.  The highway up there was closed for a while and reopened and everyone made a dash to play in the snow.  There was a picture in the paper of a young man sledding dressed in jeans and a t-shirt in the 30 degree weather.  

We finally got all our Christmas cards in the mail, presents sent, motorhome decorated and now we are looking for things to do.  I vote for nothing, but have been over ruled by the boss.  She always has a job list to help keep me out of trouble.

The local post office shares space with a Credit Union and has one clerk to process the mail.  I went in the other day at 2:00pm and was told she was closing at 2:30pm and not taking anyone not already in line.  The hours there are 9:30am - 2:30pm with two 15 minute breaks.  No wonder the Post Office is in trouble.  I was there early the next day and took care of all our mailings.

We did see something unusual the other day on our way back from shopping.  There was a Fed Ex tractor trailer with dual trailers on I-10 and the 2nd trailer broke away going down the road.  There was a Chevy Tahoe following too close and it ran into the rear of the trailer.  It didn't look like anyone was seriously hurt, but it did tie up the west bound traffic during rush hour.  Police cars were speeding toward the accident so it must have happened just a few minutes before we saw it.  I am happy that we were heading east bound and weren't involved in the huge backup.

Our grandson Sean and his wife Taylor had twin girls in October and they recently turned 2 months.  Taylor sent us pictures of the cuties and they are adorable.  

Riley Gray

Hayden Grace
 That's been our time out here the past week or so trying to get settled in and get ready for Christmas.  We've also been working on making some plans for late January & February.  Hopefully, all will work out and we will have more to blog about.  More to follow on this if we can firm it up.

Hope you all are having a great time and enjoying the Christmas season.


  1. Always a good feeling to get all the Christmas must dos done and over with. I'm almost there. A couple more cards and I think I can call it quit. Riley and Hayden are just absolute dolls. We haven't gotten as cold as you guys but I sure will be glad when we do warm up this week-end. I much prefer the 70's to the 50's.

  2. As soon as I saw those twins, I forgot what the rest of your blog was They are absolutely adorable.