Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Guadalajara & Christmas Cookies

We had some last minute shopping to do on Monday and made a big circle getting it all finished.  We went to the Northwest side of Tucson and made a couple stops.  The stores weren't that crowded so it made it easy to shop.  

Since we were near the Guadalajara Grill (one of our favorite places), we decided to stop there for an early dinner.  Since it was happy hour, we ordered from the appetizer menu and had mini-chimis and a large Taco salad.  Gerry had a large margarita and I had a draft Dos XX Amber beer.  We were there too early for the mariachi band, but had a good time all the same.

We stopped by Kohl's so Gerry could pick up some items for a planned trip of ours.  She came out with a bag full but some items will go back since they were sewed backwards and the stitches show.  

While she was in the store I stayed with the car to guard it.  I know, it's a tough job, but someone has to do it.  I noticed a young man trying to get into a Tahoe and I was ready to call 911 when he decided to enter the store.  Hopefully he was going inside to meet up with his parents and wasn't a thief.

Shortly thereafter a young lady walked out of the store with a shopping cart overloaded.  I noticed a man running full blast out of the store.  The girl took off running to get away.  I figured she was a shoplifter and a few minutes later a very, very large man came out and followed the other guy into the parking lot.  They returned with the girl between them and took her back into the store.  I think her Christmas is ruined.

Gerry decided to make cookies today and it smelled great around here.  She made my favorite mincemeat cookies and I had to sample it.  Fantastic. 
I can't wait to have some more.  She also made snickerdoodles and will be baking mincemeat pie and other cookies on the day before Christmas.

Master baker at work
 We have the motorhome decorated and the tree up.   Due to limited space we placed it on the dash of the mh next to the manger.  To the left is Gerry's favorite decoration since when you press it's finger it starts singing.

Cassie & Barbara 1969
I can't imagine how we prepared for Christmas when the children were little.  We both worked and had to shop in the evening or the weekend.  It took days to put up the tree since we really loaded it up with lead icicles, ornaments and lights.  At one time we used bubble lights but when they wore out we couldn't replace them.  Inbetween all that, there were presents to assemble & wrap, cards to send, parties to host/attend.  Whew!

We also decorated outside with lights on the bushes and on the rain gutters.  Back then it was usually cold when we put these decorations up and working fast was the rule of the day.  I guess those days are for the really young folks.  

That was our last few days out here in the Southwest.  What have you been up to?


  1. I think when we both were working, we were more organized. Now we know we have the time and just put things off until the deadline is upon
    Merry Christmas to you both. We wish you a merry and blessed day!

  2. I used to decorate the entire house for Christmas. A couple of trees, Christmas bedspreads - the bathrooms and the kitchen with special Christmas dishes. Now we put a few lights outside and the Nativity set that my Mom made me about 35 years ago inside. That is it. We went to see Aunt Happy yesterday and today we're having lunch with friends. You can tell Jim is feeling better because this is the first week we have done anything. Have a truly wonderful and Merry Christmas.

  3. WOW love the picture of the 2 of us!!! Of course our tree was beautiful & YES full of lead & guess what? We all survived!
    That's how our years are now for quite some time- work-shop-decorate-bake-visit-parties-
    Ready to retire so I can start early & leisurely!
    Merry Christmas!!! Love you!!!