Wednesday, December 9, 2015

High & Dry

We have spent the past week getting settled into our campsite for the next 4 months.  The new site we are in is larger and the neighbors aren't as close to us.  We had to give up the view out the front window which gave us a direct view of sunset, but we can walk a few yards and have a better view.  In addition, we are closer to the rec center, pool and office.  Maybe we will get in the pool or hot tub this year.  Maybe!

Trips to Costco, Safeway and Fry's helped us stock up on necessities and all of our storage space and cabinets are full.  Safeway was the best stop on our shopping spree since we picked up 2 jars of Crosse & Blackwell mince meat pie filling.  In my opinion C&B is by far the best filling for mince meat pie.  Thankfully, I am the only one who likes it in the motorhome and the pie is my very own.  Yummy! 

 NONE SUCH is another mince meat pie filling but it is only good for cookies and bread.  In a pinch it can be used for pie filling but there is a big drop down in taste.

We are getting back in the routine of Tuesday coffee & donuts, Gerry's quilting group and NCIS in the evening.  Freedom RV sponsored the donuts this time and brought three RVs to check out.  One of the drivers cut the corner too short and took out the door covering the batteries on a brand new Class B.  Ouch!  They brought a 34ft Class A Ventana diesel unit and it looked really nice.  Finally, a shorter diesel that looks good.   NO, we are not in the market for a new RV.  This week there was also a pot luck dinner in the rec. hall.  As usual, there was some really good food to be shared.

There are some new people in the park and we've met a couple of them.  Many people who we've met over the past ten years are back and we have caught up on happenings from their summers away from here.  

The weather has been great since we've arrived and we are enjoying it very much after the monsoons we had in Texas.  No danger of flooding where we are and the sun is bright.  Temps are in the high 70s with lots of sunshine.  We do enjoy the weather out here when it's not so hot like summer.  If it was like this all year we'd move here for the weather. 

The car was filthy from the travels and rain and needed a wash job badly.  The local automatic car wash was down for a few days and we finally made it there to remove the grime the other day.  The manager moved the plastic barriers and we were good to go.  Not!  They have 4 large barrels full of soapy water with long handled brushes in them so you can apply more soap and help clean the car.  I did this but when I put in the credit card to activate the car wash the problems began.

After the credit card port churned for a while it gave me a cannot connect message.  Tried again and same thing.  The attendant came over and tried to help with no luck.  Finally one of the people working on the new car wash came over and worked on the unit.  After 20-30 minutes we finally were able to run the car through the wash.  It came out looking like a new car and we don't look like the Beverly Hillbillies anymorel

That has been our week out here.  Hope you all had a great week also.


  1. Oh how I miss those sunsets. Enjoy your "home base" for the winter.

  2. Mom used to make cookies with the none such. Brought back memories even though I didn't really like the cookies.

  3. It is nice to hear something out of you two. Enjoyed the writing.

  4. I'm not so jealous these past few days & coming week-- today's High- 75!!! We're going to Jared & Hannahs to see their decorations & will finally take in a movie & dinner out!! First date night in a very long time! Glad you found C&B!! Yahoo
    Love to both of you!