Thursday, May 7, 2015

Windy Las Vegas & Root Beer Floats

We delayed leaving so we could wait for our mail to catch up to us and now we can't leave until Friday at the earliest.  The winds have picked up out here and are blowing steadily at 28-30 mph with gusts even higher.  We drove the car today and the wind was pushing us all over the road.  The forecast for Thursday is more of the same and it will be Friday before it calms down.  We've had to sit out these wind events in the past here in the west, so it isn't a big deal.  It helps not having a schedule to keep us moving.

The first day we arrived gasoline was $2.73/gal at Costco and now it's up to $2.97.  Diesel has gone up also, but not as fast.  Just our luck that fuel costs are rising as we get ready to hit the road.  It looks like the oil companies are getting ready to stick it to the U.S. customers once again.

On the way back to the park today the electronic road sign indicated that high profile vehicles were forbidden on the road south of Boulder City toward the new Hoover Dam bridge.  Earlier, the high profile vehicles had to stay in the left lane but that was changed as the day wore on.

There is an A&W root beer drive in just down the road from us and we broke down and shared a large root beer float.  It was a little skimpy on the ice cream but overall it was great.  It's been a long time since we've seen an A&W drive in and we couldn't resist this opportunity. 

We sat outside and our neighbors joined us for "Happy Hour" that lasted until dark.  They are an interesting couple and have traveled extensively.  He retired from the Navy and worked on many projects that mirrored what I worked on while I was a civilian working for the Navy Dept.  It is interesting to see how many times our paths crossed during the 1960s.   I wonder how many meetings we sat in back then and never even knew each other.
Not much else going on around here except Gerry is back to making some birthday cards for special birthdays coming up this month.  They look great and the recipients should be happy receiving them.  

That's all that is going on out here.  Hopefully you all are having more fun where you are.


  1. The winds are headed this way cause Friday is supposed to be our really windy day. I prefer my root beer floats with less ice cream. Jim wants a little root beer with a whole lot of ice cream. Haven't seen a an A&W for years. We're just slowly getting things done like replacing roof vent covers because the sun has destroyed them. Jim's going to seal and treat the roof this morning. Next week he'll check out the Bungalow and get everything done on it. Such excitement in our world.

  2. There is a Steak n Shake in South Point Casino and Hotel. We ate there. Not sure if they have put more SnS's in Las Vegas but that was the only one there when we were there.
    Gas in MO. Bought yesterday 2.22. Like yours, going up today. Looks like maybe around 2.30's today.

  3. On the subject of Steak n Shake, half price shakes during happy hour. 2p 4p. We like grape floats, especially if we have good grape soda. Wendy here yesterday but enjoyable because it made it feel cooler than the 80 degrees it was. Ron's mowing the yard today for the 5th time since we've been back. Second time this week.