Sunday, May 24, 2015

Kinetic Grand Championship - Day 2

Gerry is still under the weather and didn't feel up to checking out the bikes in the kinetic race.   She asked if I would go out and take some photos.  

I drove down to the waterfront where I last saw the group and found many of the crafts/bikes lined up in a narrow parking lot.  The cars were lined up on both sides of the road for 3-4 blocks and I kept driving and found a space right at the starting line.  What luck!

It was an interesting group of people congregating around the start line.  Many were in wild costumes and matching gear for the bikes.  They all looked like they were having a great time and more than a few looked like they were nursing hangovers.  Ah, to be young again.

This time I brought my Canon digital Rebel camera with a fast speed and managed to get some nice photos.  At least I think they are nice.  It was a very overcast day so no sunlight to help with the photos.  So without further adieu, here are the results of my day.

Giddy up!

This unit shot flames out of the exhaust.

Most hippy float of them all.

A sign on the side said "bite me".

Great bulldog and nice bike.

Butterflies are free.

We saw this one yesterday on the road.

Clam shell and "Shell's Angels" crew.

Not sure what this one represented

We saw the undercarriage on a trailer the 1st day we arrived.

Terrapin float

No guts know Glory bike

It was interesting seeing all the bikes/floats and the party like atmosphere surrounding the group.  It took a couple hours for everyone to reenter the water to start on the next leg of the race.  One or two floats had problems and had to be pulled from this segment.  I don't think anyone took anything too seriously and everything was in good fun.

I stopped and picked up a late lunch from Taco Bell on the way back and we had a couple gorditas and dessert.  It hit the spot and we took it easy the rest of the day.

We did get some good news from our grandson Jared announcing his engagement to Hannah Wilson with an October 2016 wedding date.  They are a great couple and we are more than happy to welcome Hannah to the extended family. 

That was it for us, how have you observed the Memorial Day weekend so far?


  1. We're definitely not seeing the wonderful sights you are. Yesterday was watch races day. Between the Indy and NASCAR we got to see lots of cars running in circles. We did take a break and have lunch with Jan and Bill which was fun. I love seeing these pictures. They are very creative and a whole lot of work.

  2. Sorry Gerry's still not feeling up to par - hope she's better soon. I love seeing all your pictures. What a unique bunch of vehicles!

  3. Just a short note to let you both know that we have sold our house here in Maine. The closing date is July 10th, then off to Tucson we go.
    Hope Gerry is feeling better and you Larry don't get the cold.