Friday, May 8, 2015

Rain, Snow, Wind and nice Neighbors

The Fox Smokehouse BBQ is about a block from the Elks Lodge RV park and everyone we talked to said they had the best BBQ in the Las Vegas area.  Yesterday was the first chance we had to try the BBQ and we both thought is was exceptional and wish we had tried it sooner.  I brought home a couple pork sandwiches with side of cole slaw and sweet potato fries.  If you are in the Boulder City area, make sure you look them up.

Later in the day we enjoyed another happy hour with our neighbors Bill & Dianna and then went over to the Elks lodge for a Mexican dinner.  Gerry and I were still full from the BBQ and ordered the Taco Salad and that was more than enough for us.  Bill & Dianna ordered tamales and tacos and thought they were great.  We sat around outside the motor home and chatted until the sun went down and it cooled off.

We said our goodbyes to Bill & Dianna this morning and then started getting ready to leave and other neighbors came by to talk.  After a while I had to excuse myself and finish up with our departure routine.  One of the biggest headaches is people talking to you or trying to help when you have a set routine to get ready.  Thankfully, we were mostly ready to go and they didn't really create a problem for us.  Plus, they were very nice rvers and we wished we had a chance to get to know them earlier.  

One of them joined the Wilcox Elks Lodge the same night that I did, but I didn't recognize him.  We exchanged emails and I sent him a photo from the induction ceremony. 

Today was an early day for us since we were leaving Boulder City and making our way to Hawthorne, NV.  We waited an extra day due to winds up to 35mph with gusts around 40mph.  It was windy today, but nothing like the last couple days out there.  The biggest problem was in areas where the mountains created narrow valleys  and the winds roared down them.

They had a drone landing at Nellis Airforce base and Gerry managed to get a good shot of it just before it landed.


Then it started raining but not too bad so we kept up our speed and managed to make good time.  I did stop long enough to fill up the motor home fuel tank at $2.79/gal.  It is more expensive where we are heading and now I have enough fuel to avoid filling up in California and avoid their gouging diesel prices.  The following establishments were in the area when we stopped for fuel.

About the time we got to Goldfield, NV it started snowing at the summit.  We also ran into snow near Tonopah with heavier snow but we drove through it quickly.  Goldfield looked like an interesting small mining town and we would have stopped if it wasn't so cold there. 

We are now enjoying happy hour in the motorhome at the Whiskey Flats RV park in Hawthorne, NV.  We had to setup in the rain and then turn on the fireplace heater to warm up.  What's going on out here?  I thought it was supposed to be hot hot in Nevada.

Here are some random photos taken driving down RT 95.  All in all we were surprised how good the road was.  Much better than many of our interstates.

Pyramid being built??

Snow capped mountains

Flooded fields along RT 95.

   That was how we spent our day here in Nevada as we drove 340 miles out in the middle of nowhere for the most part.   What did you do today?

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  1. I really like driving down those empty roads in Nevada. We stayed at that RV park also in Hawthorne cause we have good friends who live there. They have an Ordinance Museum in town. Really interesting area. We spent almost six hours getting a bunch of Jim's tests done. Oh joy.