Monday, May 4, 2015

Mixed Bag Today

Gerry has a players card from the M Casino that she has used each year we've come to Las Vegas.  She recently received a promotion from them with a free buffet and $10 of free play.  We both like the casino and always make sure we stop in at least once while we are in the area.  Today was that day.  

We chose the buffet lunch.  Since we've been eating out so much, we decided to go for it and not overeat.  Their buffet is excellent and it's difficult to control ones self and not make a pig of yourself.   Beer and wine are included in the price and at the price for them out here, one can easily drink the lunch and still get a bargain.  We chose the more traditional lunch and tried a little bit of many choices.  They have without a doubt the best dessert bar in town and we saved room for some at the end of the meal.

After lunch we spent another couple hours gambling on the penny machines and managed to lose our allotment and then Gerry remembered her $10 free play money they gave her.  We setttled in on a machine and managed to get the winnings up to $38 and should have quit then, but we were having so much fun on this particular machine that we wound up with the $10 freebie and walked away with some of their money.

We decided to take a ride down Las Vegas Blvd and downtown Las Vegas.  It was rush hour, but most people were heading out of town and it was a pleasant drive down the strip.  Very little traffic and most people driving sanely.  We took a number of photos from the car and took our time checking everything out.

Famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign


High Roller in background

Huge electronic billboard.

We drove through the Circus Circus RV park and it was almost deserted.  A security office said everyone in the park had to leave so they could park buses for a special event coming up soon.  

 FYI: This was a KOA park until KOA moved to the Sam's Town RV park on Boulder Highway. 

Circus Circus RV Park

 The Riviera Hotel and Casino closed it's doors after being open for 60 years.  We  wanted to go there for one last time, but ran out of time.  The closing was on TV the last couple days and a number of people were being interviewed and seemed very sad to see the Riviera closing.  It will be torn down and it hasn't been decided what will take it's place.  The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority purchased the Riviera for an estimated $182 million.

Gerry works with stained glass and liked this huge light pole along the boulevard.

 This huge advertisement took up 12 floors of the Tropicana Hotel and Casino.  The eye on the left glowed red and could be seen from blocks away.  Bigger and better is the theme out here.

The obelisk in front of the Luxor was covered with heiroglyphics and had a large cartouche at it's base.  

 The downtown airport is surrounded by homes and buildings.  Las Vegas Blvd runs along the west end of the runways and when the planes are landing from the west they really come in low as the photo below shows.

 We enjoyed seeing these flowering bushes along side of the road.  They looked like a yucca bush and were in full bloom.

Oh, BTW, it rained here in Las Vegas today and surprised the weather forecaster.  It also cooled off and was in the 70s for the majority of the day.  Nice to turn off the a/c and enjoy some fresh air.

We decided to spend a couple more days here and leave Thursday morning if the winds aren't too bad.

That was our day, how was yours?


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  1. Where is the M Casino? I don't think we've ever been there. You got some great pictures on the Blvd. Not the usual. I like that. The clouds look pretty dark. Parts of the valley had rain yesterday but nothing out here in AJ. Overcast and down in the mid-80's which works for me. By the way - we had a 3.2 earthquake just south of Flagstaff this morning. We didn't feel anything which is just fine.