Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Eureka! We Are Here.

We left Napa this morning at 11am and made the 260 mile drive up to Eureka, CA.  After a short drive on RT 121 over to Petaluma we took US 101 up the coast.  Actually, we didn't see the coast at all and it seemed we were either going up a hill or down a hill 80% of the time.  For the most part US 101 is a good road and 4 lane except for 40 miles or so.  

We drove through the Redwood forests and saw some giant trees along the way.  There weren't any turnouts that we could stop at so  Gerry managed to get some pictures on the fly.  We intend to go back down the highway in the car and view some of these beautiful trees up close.  Not too close or we won't be able to take a picture of them due to their height.

It was a nice drive but tiring due to all the hills and curves along the way.  At least it wasn't boring like West Texas, so that was good.

 It's late now and we are heading to bed early tonight so we can catch our breath before checking out the area.  One thing we learned a long time ago is that it's best to get a campsite before the Memorial Day weekend since most spaces will be reserved early. We don't like to spend 3 days in a Walmart parking lot.

Once again we've stopped at an Elks Lodge and this one seems to be very friendly.  They gave us a couple tickets for free drinks and filled me in on what's going on this week.  It's a very active Elks Lodge and reminded me of the Boulder City Lodge.

Larry Jr. and I both have 1111 as our favorite time and this is post number 1111 for me in this version of my blog.  Wish I had something special to put in the blog, but what you see is what you get.   What is your special time??? 

That's it for the blog today.  Maybe some pictures will creep in tomorrow, but not now.  That was our day, how was yours?

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